How to socialize your dog?

Even though we have all dreamed of adopting a dog one day, having a pet comes with responsibilities. More than feeding and stroking it, a dog needs social relationships just like us. It must be able to interact with humans and other canines. This socialization is essential, under the risk of seeing your dog develop behavioral or developmental disorders. Here are some tips to help you socialize or re-socialize your dog!

Train your dog

The first thing to do is of course toeducate your dog, teach him how to deal with others. Teach him to manage his frustration, his strength or even his aggressiveness. He must understand for example thathe is not allowed to pull on the leash. Another very practical method is to train it to give up, using rewards (treats). You can then use this learning to control it when he’s excited or not behaving well.

Call on professionals

If you can’t train your dog on your own, don’t hesitate to seek help from professionals. There are for example dog trainers, trainers. You can also ask analysis by a dog behavior specialist if you want to know the origin of your pet’s difficulties.

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Take care of your needs

Contrary to the first reflex that we can have, it is better not to isolate him from others avoiding taking it out. On the contrary, it is necessary multiply the outputs, and be sure to reward your dog when he behaves well. In addition, make him spend his energy allows him to channel it and have better interactions with others.

Take care of his safety and yours

The most important remains of guarantee the safety of your dog, yours and that of others. In the event that your dog is unable to interact with others, it is advisable to make him wear a muzzle.

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Prepare for meetings

You can absolutely organize meetings yourself, and thus control the framework and the approaches. It is recommended to focus on opposite sex encounters. Obviously choose another caring dog, as well as a healthy and relaxed environment.


Every dog ​​is different, and most importantly, you worked on your relationship with him. Try to understand him, to decipher his attitudes. If you manage to establish a healthy relationship with your canine, through rules and educational methods, you will be better able to handle difficult situations.

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