How to request a copy of the certificate of naturalization in the United States

I am almost certain that I became a US citizen when my mother naturalized, but she refuses to give me a copy of her application for naturalization. We haven’t spoken to each other in years. Should I apply for my naturalization by submitting sheet N-400, Application for Naturalization?

—Michelle Sharpe. Brooklyn.

The easiest way to obtain proof of citizenship is by submitting sheet N-600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship, from Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Normally you would present your mother’s naturalization certificate with the N-600 sheet, but since you do not have access to it, you can ask USCIS to review your files to confirm your mother’s naturalization.

You have to submit sheet N-600 because if you are already a US citizen, USCIS will deny your application for naturalization.

With your N-600 sheet, file an affidavit (affidavit) explaining the effort you have made to obtain your mother’s naturalization certificate.

He must also declare when and where he lived with his mother, since it is a requirement to demonstrate physical custody when applying for citizenship by derivation.

You may want to ask family and friends for affidavits to back up this information, as well as school or medical documents with your mother’s name on it.

It will help you a lot if you get your mother’s naturalization date from the National Archives.

Find email and phone information at If you consult an immigration law specialist, I am confident that they will be able to process your certificate of citizenship.

Allan Wernick directs the CUNY Citizenship Now project at the City University of New York. Send questions to: [email protected]. Twitter: @awernick

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