How to reduce stress effectively

Reduce stress with the “inner center”

You probably know the much-mentioned inner center, where everything is easier for us and we ourselves are, so to speak, solid as a rock. But how do we get there and how do we know that we have got there? Birgit Reja describes it as the feeling when we are connected to ourselves. If we have the feeling that we are literally with ourselves, then we have found our own inner center. The crux of the matter is that for modern people this feeling is rather hesitant, but disappears all the faster. “The good thing,” says Birgit Reja, is “the inner center, or the way there, can be trained.” Either with the previously mentioned stress management methods, such as yoga, tai-chi, etc., or with simple breathing exercises, such as the aforementioned conscious breathing.

But now it is often easier said than done, because your own inner center can of course be found better with a relaxed state of mind than in stressful times or at the time of excessive demands. It would then be most necessary to find your way back to the inner center. “Get a feeling of security”, advises Ms. Reja and continues: “If nothing really works anymore, lean against a tree and take a deep breath. As simple as it sounds, it also seems as simple and can be the lifeline in an emergency. ”Only when we feel safe is it possible for body and mind to come to rest – and also to tell us what is going on can be another important step in coping with stress, or can effectively cushion further potential stress. The American neuroscientist Steven Porges describes this in his Poyvagal theory, which describes the development of the autonomic nervous system in vertebrates and the emergence of social behavior. Among other things, it says that we can only interact with others when we feel safe. The feeling of security is the basis for all communication.

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