how to make the Dalgona Candy cookie with which the characters in the Netflix series play and we will tell you their story

If you haven’t seen the Netflix series The Squid Game get ready to receive an exciting rush of adrenaline, suspense and excitement, and if you have already started to see it and were fascinated with it, to accompany you during this journey of streaming, we tell you how to make the Korean cookie Dalgona Candy with which the characters play. It is a good option to enjoy while watching the series.

One of the games or challenges in the South Korean series The Squid Game that most caught the attention of Netflix users was the Dalgona candy cookie, that disc-shaped sweet that the contestants whose figure engraved in sugar have to detach without breaking it and with the help of a pin. And to learn more about this popular candy of Korean origin, you’ve come to the right place.

Squid Dalgona Sweet Easy Recipe Netflix Game

This is the Dalgona Candy cookie with which the characters of The Squid Game have a challenge.

A little history

The Dalgona candy is a typical sweet of Korean food that is culturally associated with childhood, that is why in the series this dessert is the protagonist of a challenge and consists of a spongy disc-shaped fudge, with a very tasty flavor. similar to caramel.

Its name comes from the Korean word some which means sweet and ppopgi which refers to selecting or choosing.

In the Korean tradition, specifically in South Korea, street vendors gave another of these sweets or a toy to children, if they were able to successfully detach the figure of the candy. In the series, this sweet appears in the shape of a triangle, circle, star or umbrella, and in this context the cookie is destined to put the nerves on edge, the truth is that this is part of the culture in South Korea and the gastronomic heritage of this country.

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If you want to try this difficult challenge, —as in the series—, we share the recipe to make the Dalgona candy cookie and a list of utensils with which you can prepare it.

Utensils that we suggest to prepare it

  • A traditional Korean mold to prepare the Dalgona Candy cookie – 220 pesos

  • Take into account that you can also prepare it in a small frying pan – 189 pesos

  • Chopsticks (they can be made of bamboo, wood or stainless steel) – 89 pesos

  • Silicone baking mat (this will only serve to empty the candy and have much more order and cleanliness) – 259 pesos

Now, we explain the process to make this rich and traditional Korean sweet as you saw it in the Netflix series The Squid Game.

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