How to lose weight with a tennis ball according to the Kaoru method

Nothing more and nothing less than 200,000 copies are those that were sold during confinement in Japan of Get slim with Kaoru, the revolutionary method of this well-known Japanese trainer, with more than 40 years of experience and adored by the celebs of her country. Since its publication in Spain by Kitsune Books, it has also become a best seller and one of the most searched topics on Google. And it is that the Japanese training methods are beginning to be a boom in the West.

What does this method consist of? Is what you propose true? This system is based on the science of myofascial release, that is, in relaxation of the fasciae by massaging with a tennis ball and also adding yoga and Pilates exercises. Only 10 minutes a day are enough to enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful and relaxing method of self-massage that also manages, as a “secondary effect”, to stylize the figure.

What is fascia?

As Pilar de Gonzalo, teacher of Yin Yoga (a style of yoga that works deeply on this fabric) and founder of the online studio Inspirity, explains, “It is about connective tissue – sheets of thin, flexible and resistant material– which is intelligent and adaptable ”. As this expert explains, the fascia is located under our skin, covering everything from muscles to bones and joints.

“The fascial system is an intelligent, alive, resistant and omnipresent system that performs functions of great importance in movement and body metabolism”. It is necessary that these tissues remain elastic so that they can adequately fulfill their functions of protecting the body, nourishing the tissues, moving or eliminating waste.

As Kaoru explains in her book, when the muscles tense the fascia becomes inflamed and stiff, making movement difficult, causing pain and altering body posture. According to this trainer, by relaxing the fasciae and returning the muscles to their natural elasticity, posture is readjusted, balance and flexibility are gained and the figure is stylized. And this can be achieved with a simple tennis ball.

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This is how it stylizes the figure

What Kaoru promises with her method is stylize the figure through the renewal of the fascial tissue and postural correction. And it is that a bad posture in which the abdominal muscles are deactivated, can produce us, for example, a “false gut” by excessively arching the lower back and pushing the abdomen out. But let’s not fool ourselves: the method itself will not make you lose calories, for that you need to supplement it with a good diet and more physical activity. But it will help you change your posture, returning the spine to its natural length, which will have the effect of thinning the waist and reducing the gut, in addition to helping you relax the whole body and activate the metabolism in a gentle way.

For Kaoru the important thing is not the weight but the silhouette. And it is that sometimes, although we lose weight, we do not see a significant change in our appearance. Something that you can achieve with tennis ball work with hardly any weight loss. How? As this coach explains in her book “when using it the bones are repositioned correctly, the belly is reduced, the waist is slimmer, the buttocks are toned, the chest expands and firms, the neck lengthens and the face is molded. In addition, blood circulation improves and metabolism accelerates ”.

Kitsune Books

Many benefits for body and mind

LThe key to everything, according to Kaoru, is in the feet: As explained in his book, when the plantar fascia is inflamed the arch flattens and does not absorb well the impacts when swimming. The result is a misalignment of the body.

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With this method you will not only stylize your figure but you will notice improvements throughout your body:

  • Loosen the fascia
  • Readjust the whole body
  • Helps you lose weight and have a slim figure
  • Improves circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Reduces stress on shoulders
  • Improves the ability to concentrate
  • Movement and joint range is gained thanks to the relaxation of the fasciae
  • Reduces swelling throughout the body
  • A firmer, healthier and more luminous complexion is achieved

    According to Kaoru “the correct alignment of the bones is not something hereditary but the result of our habits. If we learn to relax our muscles, we will be happier “

    Try these exercises

    To do the exercise routine that the book proposes, you will only need a tennis ball, a fitness or yoga mat and your own body. Any examples you can do now, even while working?

    lose weight with the kaoru method

    Kitsune Books

    Roll the ball under the sole of the foot

    Standing barefoot with your hands behind your back, step on the ball and roll the ball across the sole of the foot. According to Kaoru, this shifts the center of gravity, improves body alignment, and relocates internal organs. It will make you readjust the plantar arch and pelvis, stylizing the waist.

    lose weight with the kaoru method

    Kitsune Books

    Roll the ball under the glute

    On a mat and with tight tights so that the ball can roll well, sit on your side, place it under a buttock and move on it for 1 minute. According to the trainer, this will help you tone your buttocks.

    lose weight with the karou method

    Kitsune Books

    Stretch the cufflinks

    By stretching the fasciae that run through the calf, the position of the pelvis changes and venous return is activated. On your knees, place the ball under your hamstring and sit down keeping the ball between your calf and quadriceps. Hold for 10 seconds, lower the ball to the center of the calf and then to the ankle. Switch legs.

    lose weight with the karou method

    Kitsune Books

    Quadriceps stretch

    This stretch relieves muscle stiffness and fights sagging buttocks. Sitting with your legs straight, place the ball under your thigh without pressing on the bone. Push your leg with both hands 5 times and relax your knee. Repeat until you reach the knee and switch legs.

    lose weight with the kaoru method

    Kitsune Books

    Stretches waist

    By doing this, you will readjust the position of your pelvis and slim your figure. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart and keep your hips straight. Spread your feet slightly outward. Behind the head, hold the right elbow with the left hand and the left elbow with the right hand, and lengthen the side.

    The exercises that Kaoru proposes are easy to do anywhere. They combine pressure, movements or static postures to achieve that stretching and relaxing effect. Although it is in Japanese, here is a video in the Karou showing a lot of exercises to do with the tennis ball.

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