How to lose weight healthy after Easter

After the days of culinary feasts that will follow, inevitably many of us will start thinking about a new diet and detoxification solutions.
Even if this desire aims to bring multiple benefits to the body, in many cases diets after the holidays become especially drastic, so they end up doing more harm than good to their own body.

Nutritionist Vera Daghie presents the most important rules to keep in mind when starting a new diet after the festive feast.

Patience – the key to a proper diet

Any successful diet starts with setting goals that can be easily integrated into your daily routine. Do not overload your body from the start, do not impose drastic dietary restrictions and remember that the most important are the long-term results. The so-called “lightning diets” although they can have faster visible effects, inside the body produce changes in metabolism, which can give rise to the yo-yo effect specific to low-calorie diets.

“So, balance remains the letter of the law for a proper diet, which will help you lose weight nicely and healthily. Remember that with the weight loss process, not only the metabolism is affected, but also the skin undergoes transformations through which it can lose its elasticity, and the only way you can prevent this is to lose weight gradually “, explains the nutritionist, Dr. Vera Daghie.

Don’t give up bread!

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