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One of the most common practices among those who use video platforms from streaming it is share account key with family or close friends.

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However, and as cybersecurity experts warn, this represents a long-term risk because access to the account can end up in unknown hands.

One of the recommendations is to periodically change the passwords, as well as try to share access with many people. If possible, do not do it with anyone who does not live with you.

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However, platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime y Disney plus They have options to ‘kick out’ people who are using your account without your authorization.


The first thing to do is login from web version from Netflix. Then, go to the option ‘Accounts’ and there you will have to select the option’ Activity of streaming Recent Device ‘.

A list of all the devices from which your account has been accessed will appear on the screen along with the respective approximate geographic locations.

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This way you will be able to identify if there are unknown devices that are accessing the account without your authorization. In that case, it is recommended to use the option ‘Sign out of all devices’ and immediately change the access password. This action will cause all the people connected to the account to lose access to it.

Amazon Prime Video

As with Netflix, on Amazon Prime you can also access a list of the devices that connect to the account. To do this, you must log in and search the device registry.

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With that option, you can log out remotely, and thus control people who use the account without their authorization. It is also recommended to change the access password.

Disney plus

The Disney + platform does not have an option to obtain information about devices that log into an account or that had recent activity.

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However, the recommendation is to log out of the connected devices and subsequently change the access password. To do this, you must open a session in the web version and select the option ‘Close session’.


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