How to get to the daycare center: Which route is reasonable for parents?


Updated on September 16, 2020, 8:36 a.m.

Many parents often refuse a day care center because the journey to the facility is too far for them and their child. Which route is reasonable for parents?

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Children are entitled to a daycare place. However, if the journey to the daycare center is too far, parents often decline the offer. Nevertheless, the claim is often considered fulfilled. What can follow? A long wait for parents and child.

Reasonable offer rejected – what then?

In the negotiated case, the parents were looking for a full-time place in a daycare center for their child. However, they declined the city’s offer. The facility is too far away from where she lives. The parents asked the porter for a place in a nearby day care center. However, there were long waiting lists there.

In court, the parents’ demands were unsuccessful. From the end of the first to the end of the third year of life, children would be entitled to early childhood support in a daycare center or in day care.

In the present case, however, the parents would have rejected a reasonable offer from the institution. The day-care center offered is within a reasonable distance: According to the court, it could be covered by car in ten minutes, and by public transport in just under half an hour. The claim is therefore deemed to have been met.

Expenditure of 30 minutes is reasonable

The criteria for “reasonably attainable” are, among other things, the distance to the place of work or the home and the time required to bring and pick up.

Up to five kilometers from the place of residence to the daycare center are reasonable, as well as a time expenditure of up to 30 minutes by public transport or other means of transport. It should also be taken into account whether the journey to the daycare center extends the journey to the workplace. (dpa / spot)

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