How to get rid of pet hair from your car

Having dogs or cats in the car is messy! Here are some tips for getting rid of the hair of your favorite pets.

Animals, such as dogs or cats, are often part of our voyages in cars. But while we love them, the many hairs they leave in the cabin aren’t necessarily welcome.

Fortunately, there are tips for removing them!

Vacuum first

At first it might sound obvious, but before you get down to the details it is important to to vacuum throughout your interior in order to “roughen” the work: this will already help you get rid of a large part of animal hair, and the vacuum cleaner accessories (nozzles or brushes) will allow you to dislodge the less hair. stubborn. Also take advantage of your visit to the service station to wash your car in order to rid your body of all its unsightly dirt.

If the bristles resist, brush your seats!

If the leather seats will have the advantage of less retaining the hairs of our animal friends, you will need bring a brush to remove a good part of the hairs on your upholstered seats, rugs and carpets. Use a soft bristle brush, velor brush, or even an adhesive brush to dislodge pet hair from your home.

Some additional tips for removing pet hair

These few little tips can help you get rid of the most stubborn hairs. Use a rubber glove dishwashers to scrub your surfaces with circular motions: the hairs should be removed and will stick to the glove, making them easier to clean. You can also use an old nylon tights in the same way, with an advantage: the static electricity created by the friction of this one will have the effect of attracting the hairs like a magnet! Finally, you can also call on a soft raclette, usually used for window cleaning, to dislodge animal hair from your rugs and carpets.

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In the future, to protect your interior from animal hair and other small damage they can cause, you can for example opt for seat covers, or more simply put a sheet or blanket on your back seat. !

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