How to get an industrial engineering degree in 2022

Engineering is a very important field that has propelled the flow of technology. Without engineers, we will not have the cars, planes, jets, plastics and many other products that we need for everyday life.

According to Wikipedia, Stevens Institute of Technology, the oldest engineering management faculty is believed to exist, founded in 1908 as the School of Business Engineering. This was later referred to as the Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Management (BEEM) and transferred to the School of Systems and Enterprises.

Many engineering management schools have sprung up since then, and this expansion has drawn interested students into the program. So while this article shows the way to earn an Engineering Management degree, it also shows schools where you can study Engineering Management.

What is engineering management?

Engineering management is the application of management practice to engineering practice.

Engineering Management is a career that combines the engineer’s technological problem-solving skills with the organizational, administrative, and planning skills of management to oversee the operational performance of complex engineering companies.

A Master of Engineering Management (MEM) can be compared to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) for professionals seeking a college degree as a qualifying document for a career in engineering management.

What can you do with an engineering management degree?

Engineering managers oversee the design, development, and manufacture of products such as automobiles and technological devices. These professionals work with finance, marketing, and production managers on an ongoing basis. In addition, they work with contractors and suppliers and help with every step of the engineering process.

According to Best Schools, some jobs you can get with an engineering management degree are engineering project manager, construction management engineer, cost systems analyst, industrial management engineer, and senior lead analyst.

What does an engineering management degree cost?

If you’re looking to earn a degree in engineering management, counting the cost is an important part of the journey. Without adequate funding, you can start an educational program, but you may not be able to complete it.

To avoid such a situation, you should know the cost of studying engineering. According to McCormick, depending on the length of stay in the program, the total costs of the MEM degree, including the cost of living, ranges from approximately $ 83.098 to $ 104.548, depending on the student’s needs.

If you can’t afford these tuition fees, a scholarship to study economics at a university of your choice is the last option.

What are the requirements for an engineering management degree?

If you do your research, you will likely find that they offer many engineering management programs at the postgraduate level and require a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, math, science, or business administration.

However, this is not universal as some institutions offer engineering management at the bachelor’s level. The American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) has accredited and / or recognized 27 undergraduate programs in engineering management at US institutions.

For those outside the US, major engineering management bachelor’s degrees are available in countries like Turkey (Management Engineering from Istanbul Technical University), Canada (University of Waterloo’s Cooperative Management Engineering, the first program of its kind in Canada), and Peru (the University of of the Pacific offers Peru’s first industrial engineering degree).

In general, the entry requirements for a Bachelor’s degree for engineering management degrees include expert knowledge on subjects such as:

  • Math or advanced math
  • physics
  • Business administration
  • Social sciences (such as psychology and sociology)

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Best schools to study industrial engineering in 2022

When pursuing a degree in engineering management, it is important to find the right institute to help you get the most out of your program. With many universities offering degrees in engineering management, some still top the charts. They include:

5. Windsor University

This degree is offered by the Faculty of Engineering in collaboration with the Odette School of Business. The MEM program prepares engineers for management tasks. Graduates from this program are ready to fit into leadership roles in multinational engineering and technology companies and make massive contributions to manufacturing strategies, business innovation, and operations management.

Coursework also includes planning and executing technology commercialization and go-to-market strategies to foster entrepreneurship among MEM graduates.

MEM is typically a two-year weekend program designed to meet the busy schedules of working professionals. During the first 16 months, classes take place every other weekend on Friday evenings (6-9 a.m.) and Saturdays (8:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m.). The final 8 months of the program include a two-year capping stone project that can be completed off-campus.

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4. University of Ottawa

The Engineering Management program offers a Master of Engineering in Engineering Management and a Graduate Diploma in Engineering Management. The aim of the Master of Engineering in Engineering Management program is to build the knowledge and skills of engineers and scientists in the management of people, projects, resources and organizations in technical environments.

The program is overseen by a body made up of representatives from the Telfer School of Management and the Faculty of Engineering. The students at this school learn English as the language of instruction for a period of two years.

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3. Lambton College

The Quality Engineering Management Ontario Graduate Certificate program assists individuals with the knowledge and techniques to improve the delivery and quality of goods and services. The aim of the program is to achieve productivity in manufacturing and business processes through the use of modern methods for quality improvement.

After completing the program, you will actively contribute to the responsibility of creating value in an organization where you can apply modern quality techniques and processes to solve problems and improve the quality of goods and services.

In this program, you will examine a wide variety of principles that apply to a wide variety of industries. It includes skills training that recognizes the needs of the traditional manufacturing base and also conveys the skills required by many technology-oriented industries.

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2. University of Ontario Institute of Technology

The Master of Engineering Management (MEngM) course offers the opportunity to study planning, resource allocation and management and control of activities with engineering or technological components. As a student in this program, you will learn to apply technical principles in organizing and leading technical projects and how to manage the people in them.

The MEngM program offers courses in engineering project management, production planning and operations management, energy system management, mathematical modeling and optimization (relating to complex technical systems), quality control, health and safety, and applied risk analysis.

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1 McGill University

The history of the McGill School of Engineering does not begin with its grand buildings. For over 30 years, McGill had taught applied science lectures prior to the construction of the two original engineering buildings. And that continuously and efficiently in all areas.

In 1931, when the engineering faculty became intensive, it was already a national and international leader in all areas from civil engineering to radio engineering. The faculty remains among the best in the world and has produced Nobel Prize winners and world leaders in all disciplines, including architecture and urban planning.

Its engineering history does not end with the new buildings either, but the faculty’s future growth owes to its modern donors as well as its historical donors. Future generations of McGill engineers will continue to write the chapters of this story in these beautifully appointed and spacious facilities.

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Technical management is typically taught through a combination of lectures, case studies, hands-on workshops, laboratory-based hands-on courses, design activities, tutorials, group and individual project work, and advisory sessions.

Typically a combination of continuous exams through small hands-on exercises is used for each module with individual and group project work, essay letters, presentations, coursework and exams, with an individual project or dissertation taking up most of your final year.

I am sure you know the route and necessities if you are looking to earn an engineering management degree. The choice is yours if you want to go through with it.



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