How to get an increased scholarship?

How to get an increased scholarship?

The acceptance of documents from students applying for increased state academic scholarships for achievements in social, cultural, creative and sports activities has begun. The deadline for submission of documents is February 10, 2022.

The increased scholarship is awarded for the student’s achievements in educational activities if these achievements correspond to one or more of the following criteria:

– Receipt by the student during at least 2 consecutive intermediate attestations of only “excellent” grades (in the event that during the year there is a retake of the exam or offset for an unexcused reason, an increased scholarship is not assigned);

– Receipt by the student during the year of an award for the results of design activities and / or development work;

– Recognition of a student as a winner or prize-winner of an event (olympiad, competition, competition, competition or other event) aimed at identifying the educational achievements of students held during the year.

An increased scholarship for a student’s achievements in research activities is awarded for:

– Receipt by the student during the year: awards for the results of research work; a document certifying the student’s exclusive right to the scientific result of intellectual activity achieved by him; grant for the implementation of research work;

– The presence of a student during the year, publications: in a scientific publication, in a scientific publication of a university or other organization.

WITHand the student’s achievements in social activities:

– The systematic participation of the student during the year in the conduct (ensuring the conduct) of socially significant activities of a social, cultural, human rights, socially useful nature, organized by the university or with its participation, documented;

– The systematic participation of the student during the year in the activities of information support of socially significant events, public life of the university, documented.

For student achievements in cultural and creative activities:

– Receipt by the student during the year of the award for the results of cultural and creative activities;

– Public presentation by a student during the year of a work of literature or art created by him;

– The systematic participation of the student during the year in the conduct of public cultural and creative activities of an educational, propaganda nature and other socially significant public cultural and creative activities.

For student achievements in sports activities:

– Receipt by the student during the year of the award for the results of sports activities;

– The systematic participation of the student during the year in sports events of an educational, promotional nature and / or other socially significant sports events;

– Compliance with the standards and requirements of the Golden TRP insignia.

The list of documentation required to receive advanced academic scholarships:

1. Application (in the form) with the obligatory indication of the field of activity in which the student is applying for a scholarship. If a student claims to receive a scholarship again in the stated direction, then it is necessary to indicate “Repeated receipt” in the application;

2. Presentation of the head of the educational unit / extract from the decision of the CC of the unit with a mandatory visa of a representative of the student self-government body;

3. Documents confirming the student’s achievements:

· Copies of thanks, certificates, certificates and diplomas of the winner/winner/participant of various competitions, decisions of the competition commission, copies of the volunteer book, copies of the director’s submissions/orders, deputy. director, information about the participation of group members in creative, sports, social and other events, etc.

If a diploma/certificate is awarded to a group of participants, then it is necessary to submit additional materials confirming the information about the applicant’s membership in this group of participants (approved/certified list of the team, a document confirming the status of the association, etc.)

· photocopies of published articles, abstracts, other materials;

· copies of representations/orders of the director, deputy. directors containing information about the announcement of gratitude to the students of the group, awards, copies of personal invitations, etc.;

· characteristics of the student, expert opinions, letters of recommendation from persons who can confirm the experience/achievements of the student in a particular area of ​​activity (description of specific projects).

To be awarded a scholarship, a student must meet the following requirements: no “satisfactory” grade based on the results of the intermediate certification, no academic debt.

With a personal application and a package of supporting documents, you must contact the directorate of your educational unit before 10:00 on February 10, 2022.

A prerequisite for submitting documents to receive an increased state academic scholarship is to upload a portfolio (a package of documents listed in the attached files) to the personal account of the University campus system. The portfolio must indicate achievements in the area of ​​activity received between February 2021 and February 10, 2022, regardless of the repeated receipt of the scholarship during the academic year.

Questions can be contacted by phone: 390-332.


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