How to find specific messages in Telegram chats using your search engines

We are going to explain to you how to use Telegram search engines to be able to find messages, both new and old. Telegram is an application with many uses, and in addition to conversations, you can also create your own notes cloud or app by sending messages to yourself. But of course, then you have to be able to find those messages.

Therefore, we are going to explain everything related to Telegram search engines. We will start with a small explanation about what messages you will be able to find and what are the limits of its two search engines. Then, we will briefly tell you how to use these search engines to find messages. But to give you an idea, unlike the WhatsApp search engine, in Telegram you can search for messages in chats also for specific days.

What messages can you search with these search engines

Telegram search engines will search the terms that you indicate among the content of your conversations. Telegram is an application that you can use at the same time from several devices, so the text will always be synchronized, and from everyone you search you will find the same results in the same text history.

Of course, it will only look for the text that is right now in the conversations. By this I mean that you will not be able to find messages that have been deleted, whether you have deleted them or if the other person has deleted them so that they are also deleted from your account.

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Obviously, if you have deleted a chat but have not indicated that the other person be deleted as well, this other person could search and find a specific conversation that you cannot see. Telegram it will only search the conversations on your mobile, not on other people’s devices.

There are two different search engines. In one you will be able to search for things within a single conversation, since it is the internal search engine in each of the application’s chats and groups. And then you have the search engine that searches all your chats, and that is on the main Telegram screen.

These search engines will find the word or words you ask for, but not only in plain text. It will also search media files or web URLs that have been shared, and in the case of the general search engine, it will also search the chats, groups or channels that have this term in their name.

A small detail is that the search engine within the chats also allows you to search by day. This means that when you do a search, you will have a calendar icon to be able to filter the results so that only those of a certain day are shown.

Search for messages within a Telegram chat

Search In ChatSearch In Chat

To search for messages within a chat in the Android appAll you have to do is enter that conversation and click on the three-dot tres button that you have in the top right. A menu will open, and in it you have to click on the option Look for that will appear in the window to access the search engine. In this sense, it is exactly the same as the search engine for other apps such as WhatsApp.

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In Ios SearchIn Ios Search

To search for messages within a chat in the iOS app, the procedure is different. First you have to click on the name of the person you are talking to or the group you are in, and you will enter the record of that conversation. Inside there, click on the option Look for that will appear among the multiple options.

Search TermSearch Term

In the search engine, you just have to write the term you want to find, and you will be able to see the messages that contain them within the chat or the group. At the top, in the search engine, you will also have arrows to go to the next or previous message in case that has been written in several messages. At the bottom left, you will have a calendar icon.

Choose DatesChoose Dates

When you click on a calendar icon, you will be able to select a specific day so that it only shows you the results of that date. The day picker interface is slightly different on Android and iOS, but it works the same way.

Search for messages in all WhatsApp chats

Press SearchPress Search

To search for messages in all your chats within the Android app, you have to open it and stay on the main screen where all your chats appear. In her, click on the magnifying glass icon that you have at the top right to access the search engine.

Search General IosSearch General Ios

To search for messages in all your chats within the iOS app, you have to open the application and enter the tab Chats. Once inside it, when you see all your chats, swipe down the screen lightly with your finger to show the finder at the top of the screen. It will be as if it is hidden above and you have to pull down a bit to show it. Then, click on it to access.

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General ResultsGeneral Results

When performing the search in the search engine of the main Telegram screen, below they will be shown the results organized in three sections. First you will see the contacts or groups that you have started and that match what you have searched for, and below will appear the profiles or public groups that have it. Then, thirdly, you will see the messages in whose content the terms you have searched appear.

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