How to disable the Google Assistant driving mode on Google Maps

We are going to explain to you how to turn off Google Assistant driving mode on Google Maps. It is a new function that we already explained how to activate from the settings, but if you have it running while driving, you may not want to be looking at these settings to deactivate it. Fortunately, there is a secondary method to deactivate it from the interface of this driving mode itself.

We are going to teach you both methods. First we will tell you how to deactivate driving mode from the assistant’s own driving mode in Maps, and then we will remind you of the steps to take in the Google Maps settings to deactivate it as we activated it in its day.

Deactivate from driving mode


When you are in the driving mode of the Google Assistant in Google Maps, the first thing you have to do is click on the show applications button, which is at the bottom right with the icon of four squares forming the same square.

Driving SettingsDriving Settings

A screen with some application and function icons will open in a large enough size so that you can press them with less trouble while driving. On this screen, click on the button Settings that will appear with the cogwheel icon to go to the driving mode settings.

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Disable ModeDisable Mode

Within the settings there is no loss, because there are only three options. What you have to do is press the button Disable driving mode that will appear perfectly visible to you.

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A screen will appear where you will be explained the things that you will no longer be able to do when you deactivate the assistant’s driving mode. If you agree, you have to confirm by pressing the button Deactivate that will appear in the window.

Disable it from the Maps settings

Press SettingsPress Settings

You can also disable driving mode from outside in this mode. For that, you have to enter Google Maps settings. You will do this by clicking on your profile image at the top right of the app’s main screen, and in the menu that opens, clicking on the option Settings you have with the icon of a cogwheel.

Navigation SettingsNavigation Settings

Once you are in the settings, you have to click on the section Navigation settings. You may have to scroll down the menu a bit. Settings until I can find it.

Wizard SettingsWizard Settings

Within the section of Navigation settings, now you have to click on the option of * Google Assistant Settings, which should appear just below the options related to sound reproduction.

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When you enter the screen of the Driving mode, all you have to do is disable option Driving mode that you have on top of everything. If what bothers you are the calls or help with the messages, these options can be deactivated separately.

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