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It was in 2015, with the launch of the iPhone 6s, when Apple came up with the idea of ​​introducing a thing called live photos to their smartphones. It was a content that took the appearance of a photograph but, when making touch force on the mobile screen, it was transformed into a small video of just three seconds. A short content where the audio of that precise moment is also stored.

These live photos It is not that they have succeeded, but they have become one more way to store those memories … although they run into a compatibility problem with other platforms. That is If we want to send someone who has Android one of these images, we will only get them to see a static frame and not all the animation. So, how can we do it so that it reaches them as we see it?

Export as a video

The solution found so that someone who does not have an iPhone can enjoy that moment in a live photo it is through exporting everything as if it were directly a video. A very short piece, we already tell you that it is only three seconds long, and where both the pre As the post from the moment we press the button to capture the photo. So to send it to a friend with Android, this is what we should do.

Convert a ‘live photo’ into a video.

The first thing is to go to the iPhone photo gallery and look for that live photo that we want to share. Once we have it selected, and after verifying with the icon that appears at the top left that we are facing a live image, then click on the “Share” button that will appear in the lower left from the screen. Next, a menu with infinite alternatives will be displayed.

Of all of them we are left with the one of “Save as video” so that the iPhone transforms that brief sequence into content that the rest of the devices are able to read. This will cause a new file hosted in the gallery to be created, which will then be the one that you will have to send to a group or individual WhatsApp chat. In this way, the model of smartphone May each one have that they will be able to reproduce it over and over again to laugh at us without compassion. And it is that one of the characteristics of these live photos the thing is they get funnier the more curious, embarrassing and original those three seconds are that form it.

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