How to choose the right bowl for your dog

Many of us dream of having a dog. Big or small, pedigree or not – this no longer plays a special role. In order for a new family member to feel comfortable, it is important to create appropriate living conditions for him. In particular, you need to pick up and buy a bowl for your dog. For example, here they are presented in a wide range of options. The parameters below will help you choose the most suitable product in your personal case:

  • Volume and depth;
  • Manufacturing material;
  • The form.


Everything is clear with the volume. The larger the dog, the more food it needs. If the weight of an adult animal does not exceed 5 kg, then a bowl with a volume of 450 ml. would be the best option. A large animal, for example, a Great Dane or a Shepherd Dog, already needs a product with a volume of at least 2.6 liters.

Most breeders of four-legged family members completely forget about such a parameter as the depth of the dishes. When choosing a bowl for a bulldog or pug, it is better to give preference to shallow options. In other cases, the depth of the dishes can be any.

Manufacturing material

Remarkably, the dog will refuse to eat even the most delicious pieces of meat if they are in a plastic bowl that exudes a pungent chemical odor. It is likely that in a week or two it will disappear, but all this time it is required to feed the animal from something.

As for metal dishes, they practically do not smell. In addition, it boasts durability. Falling from a height of such a bowl will not cause it to be permanently damaged. Even if a dent appears, then in a couple of movements it will be possible to get rid of the defect by bending the metal in the opposite direction.

Another option is ceramic cookware. Differs in a high level of environmental friendliness and easy maintenance. There is only one drawback of such bowls – it’s fragility. If a hard object falls on it, the product will be destroyed. The same will happen when the container falls from a height.

The form

In general, the shape does not play a special role. But, round-shaped models are considered the most practical. It is not recommended to purchase products consisting of two combined containers. Separate models are easier to clean.

Do you need a stand?

Here, by the link, stands for bowls are also on sale. It is worth purchasing it or complete with a container in the event that a dog of a medium or large breed will live in the house.

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