How to choose the best learning management system for your company

You can find out how you can support corporate learning with Microsoft 365 through a learning management system in this article: Promoting corporate learning with Microsoft 365.

In the midst of the move to home office last year, it became a top priority to provide employees with relevant information to do their job well while providing them with high quality tools for communicating and collaborating with their colleagues.

In this context, corporate learning continues to be one of the most important programs that get companies off the ground. Be it promoting product knowledge or improving skills and training, companies are looking for solutions that promote interactive, high-quality, independent learning. The challenge is to improve the relevance and promotion of content to keep employees updated and educate them in accordance with their career aspirations and job roles.

So what should an effective Learning Management System (LMS) have and how can it add value to an organization?

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What to look for when choosing a learning management system

A good learning management system enables employees to continue their education and acquire relevant knowledge by providing helpful material in context. Not only does it provide information, it also creates a collaborative space in which people within the organization can communicate and share their knowledge in teams.

Studies have shown that a “learning organization” is often able to increase employee engagement, retain employees, nurture managers and promote innovation. Businesses play a crucial role in creating an environment that supports active employee learning, and a strong learning management system as an effective communication channel is a primary requirement here.

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Various learning management systems are currently available on the market, but not all of them focus on providing a dynamic learning experience. When looking for a learning management system, you should pay attention to how sophisticated the user and administrative functions are for accessing and organizing material, as well as the integration possibilities of the solution with HR databases and important third-party tools. For example, AvePoint curricula can engage users in their learning experience by making learning fun and effective while working.

Promote active, independent learning and support leadership development

A good LMS creates space for collaboration and supports independent and proactive learning that is tailored to your own learning needs. Most adult learners today are looking not just for basic theoretical information, but for content tailored to their area of ​​expertise and approaches that will increase effectiveness and add value to what they are striving for.

Curricula is a great tool to foster a culture of independent, active learning as its learner-centered design automates workflows, embeds governance, and contextualizes information. In conjunction with the AI ​​functionality, curricula is able to recommend specific content based on a person’s skills and interests and encourage step-by-step learning. In the social field, curricula perfectly complement the macro-goals employability, lifelong learning and social integration.

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