How to buy your tickets for BLACKPINK The Movie in Mexico?

BLACKPINK The Movie is soon to premiere and you should not miss out on seeing this great movie that BLACKPINK has prepared for BLINK, know all the details to buy tickets and enjoy your favorite K-Pop idols on the big screen.

‘Project 4+1’ from BLACKPINK will bring us an incredible and unforgettable film that will have much of the history of this great group of K-Pop, we will grant more than Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé in interviews and we can sing some of his songs in the who.

BLINK is already preparing your popcorn and soda to enjoy BLACKPINK at the cinema and live an unforgettable experience with ‘BLACKPINK The Movie’, the excitement grows more and more for this premiere that no one will want to miss. So if you love the idols of this band feminine of K-Pop, do not lose detail.

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On Mexico, Cinépolis will take care of bringing us to BLACKPINK in all theaters in the country, the pre-sale of tickets has started and if you don’t want to be left out of this great event, you’d better run for your tickets.

Buy your tickets to see BLACKPINK The Movie in Mexico

In the page ‘’ you can enter and search the city where you live or the who closest to your home, the page will display all the options of the cinemas where it will be screened ‘BLACKPINK The Movie’, select the one of your preference and also the date, as there will be functions for the August 4 and 8.

Selecting the date below will say ‘Get tickets’ and clicking on that link will take you to the pre-sale page of Cinépolis, when selecting the movie from BLACKPINK, it will give you the option of schedules so that you can choose the one of your preference and the ticket has an approximate price of $110 pesos Mexicans for option in 2D and of $119 a $168 pesos Mexicans for option in 4D.

So run for your tickets and let your crush know they’re going to see BLACKPINK to the cinema, because the presale has started and you cannot miss this incredible movie that the female group of K-Pop has prepared for you.

If you already bought your tickets and we only have to wait for the big day to see BLACKPINK in the who, the wait can be shortened by reading a little more about your idols favorites like Rosé, who did a great cover of John Mayer and he loved it.


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