How to be an Independent Trainer? – Ministry of Labor

How to be an Independent Trainer? – Ministry of Labor

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Higher education degree or certification for labor competencies duly registered in Senescyt.

RUC or RISE in active status, in which it has declared training or teaching activities.

Specific experience in the specialty in which you wish to train, of at least 8 months.

If you do not have a higher education degree or certificate of job skills, you must demonstrate at least 5 years of experience in activities related to the specialty in which you are going to apply as an Independent Trainer.

Certificates of pedagogical training, that is, courses in teaching methodology or trainer of trainers. For this purpose, one of the following requirements can be met:

  • Present an approval certificate with a 40 hour workload from an operator that is not qualified before SETEC.
  • Present a certificate of attendance, participation or approval of 40 hours of an operator is qualified before the SETEC.
  • Present a certification for labor competencies in the Trainer of Trainers or related profile.

* If the applicant has a higher education degree related to teaching, it is not necessary to present pedagogical training certificates.

Enabling documents for the process

Procedure for the operationalization of the evaluation of knowledge executed by qualified independent trainers

Instructions for the application of the “independent trainers” service

Regulation for the renewal of qualified independent trainers between May 1, 2018 and April 28, 2019


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