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The mother of all public relations battles is known to be the sentence: “Do good and talk about it.” The USA is currently consistently implementing the motto of Georg-Volkmar Graf von Zedtwitz-Arnim in the geopolitical world economic war zone. If Donald Trump had terrified even the most Atlantic Atlantic with his capo airs, the incumbent US President Joe Biden is building on the power of emotional news. His government wants to buy 500 million corona vaccination doses from Biontech / Pfizer and then donate them to 100 countries.

Uncle Sam’s Christmassy gesture will be officially announced on Friday around the G7 summit in Cornwall. This is also where moral pressure is relieved after the rich US initially supplied its own population, regardless of the needs of others. Justice is what the recipient should think of it.


The current German tax debate mostly focuses on burdens, less often relief. The Federal Association of German Industry (BDI) wants to set the counterpoint – with a study by the Institute of German Economy, which we have received in advance. Accordingly, a reduction in corporate taxes for the business location could pay off in euros and cents.

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BDI President Siegfried Russwurm says: “The figures prove it: Tax cuts for companies in the highest tax country, Germany, are not only fiscally manageable, but have demonstrably positive effects on economic growth.” The BDI leaders see danger among the Greens and the SPD, who demand the restart of the wealth tax. Any additional stress runs the risk of stifling the upswing, warns Russwurm.

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With a reconstruction fund of over 750 billion euros, the EU will soon be helping to stimulate the economy in weaker member states. Laura Kövesi, head of the new European public prosecutor’s office, is supposed to prevent money from seeping into dark channels. In an interview with Handelsblatt she said about …

  • … the fund and organized crime: “I see great risks with this huge amount of money. Just looking at the simple EU budget, we have to be prepared for around 3,000 cases a year. Now there is a lot of money with less transparency. “
  • … your location: “Fortunately, this is an independent agency with independent prosecutors. Nobody can interfere in our investigation. “
  • … the extent of corruption in the EU: “No country is clean. It’s not just about a few common suspects when we talk about fraud involving EU funds. “

Her accounts of the job suggest that she will be just as preoccupied with prevention as she is with cleaning up.

The former VW boss Martin Winterkorn had denied in the investigative committee in 2017 that he knew about the diesel manipulation in the VW group before September 2015.

The smoke of the election campaign is rising, and perhaps that is why a three-year-old criminal complaint by the Green MP Oliver Krischer becomes relevant. It was directed against Martin Winterkorn because the ex-VW boss lied in the investigative committee about his role in “Dieselgate”. The Berlin public prosecutor’s office is therefore now bringing charges of undecided false testimony. It’s about whether Winterkorn – contrary to what he claims – knew about the exhaust cheating before September 2015. “Mr. Winterkorn should finally clear the table and stop telling fairy tales to millions of VW customers,” says Krischer.

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However, it is precisely this that is to be negotiated before the Braunschweig regional court in September. It was also announced yesterday that the 74-year-old Winterkorn and three other former top managers will pay VW the record compensation totaling 288 million euros; the majority of this is accounted for by special liability insurance. Incidentally, Winterkorn personally pays 11.2 million, ex-Audi boss Rupert Stadler is expected to contribute 4.1 million. In such a case, a “clean table” may cost a little more.

VW again: The supply bottlenecks for computer chips are causing work in the Brazilian factories to come to a standstill, while the situation in German factories remains critical. In an interview with Handelsblatt, Murat Aksel, the Purchasing Director, said: “At the moment we have reached the lowest point in the supply crisis. We are facing the toughest six weeks. ”The pipeline should be better filled in the third quarter. The consultants of the Boston Consulting Group estimate that all German carmakers can produce up to six million fewer vehicles than planned due to the chip crisis. Consolation comes from Hermann Hesse. “Verily, no one is wise who does not know the dark.”

French President Emanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel have a long-distance relationship.

(Photo: AP)

Perhaps the most important advantage of a Chancellor Armin Laschet over his predecessor would be that he knows our most important partner France better and truly appreciates it. The man from Aachen could have a lot to do there. The friendship between French and Germans has “remained a long-distance relationship,” writes our outgoing Paris correspondent Thomas Hanke in his essay, which is well worth reading. You find each other quite okay and “nice”, but you don’t really know each other.

Silent days in the cliché become a permanent phenomenon, Of course, some are state interventionists, bon vivants and hallodris in money matters, while others are regulators, bores and hardworkers. The start-up entrepreneurs in both countries get along best. Everyone – the French, who are currently confronted with self-awareness, and the Germans thirsting for a new departure – is helped by Napoleon’s maxim: “The career is open to talent, regardless of origin and wealth.”

In your own matter, it is important to report an important person. Charlotte Haunhorst will come to Handelsblatt as Head of Digital and member of the editor-in-chief in the fourth quarter at the latest. The graduate of the German School of Journalism recently successfully ran the cross-media youth portal for the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. Editor-in-chief Sebastian Matthes speaks of an “outstanding journalist and excellent digital expert”.

Real estate prices and rents continue to rise in Germany, especially in the metropolises. But how exactly has the housing market developed in your city and region? Are small towns or the surrounding area becoming more attractive? Next Tuesday we will talk live with you via Zoom about current economic trends in everything to do with living and look back on ten years of the Handelsblatt Trendviertel – a classic of our reporting.

My colleague Kerstin Leitel will interview Franz Eilers, the head of real estate market research at vdp Research GmbH, who collects price and rental data for us. Then we will take a close look at the cities of Berlin / Potsdam, Hamburg, Frankfurt / Offenbach, Munich and Düsseldorf with experts – also in digital spaces.

And then there is Tanit Koch, experienced in the tabloid press, who is now helping the CDU candidate Armin Laschet in the federal election campaign. The former editor-in-chief of “Bild” and the RTL central editorial office is responsible for communication, coordinates press work and is expanding its presence in social networks. While the opposing candidates are weakening, Laschet’s team is apparently working systematically on the “federal washing machine” project, as the Chancellery is also called.

Help from the “Bild” boulevard with image inflation has a long tradition: In 1998, Hans-Hermann Tiedje prompted former Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Michael Spreng to CSU boss Edmund Stoiber in 2002. In view of the new cookery course, one immediately feels reminded of Gerhard Schröder’s saying that to rule he only needs “Bild, BamS and Telly” – a list that needs to be expanded to include the domain ending “de” today.

I wish you a powerful start to the day.

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