How the renovation of the Kitzingen vocational school is doing


Despite a change of planner, things are moving ahead. The construction planning should be in autumn. The school allocation of the districts of Kitzingen and Würzburg will increase significantly.

The state vocational school in the school center in Kitzingen (here a picture from January 2018) is being renovated, but it will be a while before the groundbreaking. Photo: Siegfried Sebelka

The renovation of the vocational school in Kitzingen-Ochsenfurt is still being planned, although the planner was recently changed. Joachim Gattenlöhner, head of the department for building construction at the district office in Kitzingen, reported this to the many new members of the committee during the association meeting of the vocational school. Among others, Thomas Eberth, the new district administrator of the Würzburg district, who chaired the meeting together with Tamara Bischof, Kitzingen district administrator, took part for the first time and was very interested in the future of the joint vocational school of both districts.

“There is still no exact cost calculation,” said Gattenlöhner. It will not be more expensive due to the change of the planner, but the district has to reckon with 18 million plus x. By September there should be more precise planning. However, because the district would like to forego an interim solution with containers, it has to be worked out very precisely what will be renovated and when. The administration and the secretariat should move first. If the classrooms are renovated, some of the vocational students could move to the high school or technical college (FOS). In addition, a focus of the work will take place during the holidays so as not to disturb the lessons too much.

Gaps in the budget for 2019 and 2020

The committee members and the two district administrators were subsequently very satisfied with the brief overview that Gattenlöhner gave. The examination board had already been filled beforehand. Lioba Kinzinger (free voters), Gertrud Schwab (CSU) and Margit Hofmann (SPD) form the new committee. Stefan Wolbert, headmaster of the Realschule Dettelbach and member of the district committee for education and social affairs, represents the special-purpose association on the vocational school advisory board.

District administrator Toni Orth then presented the 2018 annual accounts. At the lecture on the 2019 financial statements, he explained that a change in the law for the training of asylum seekers will lead to a larger deficit in the district. However, the approximately 56,000 euros were offset from the budget. Orth already made a forecast for 2020. The allocation of the counties should almost double compared to previous years and increase to 490,000 euros. This is due to the lack of reserves from previous years and falling contributions from guest students.

Student numbers remain constant

“A doubling of the levy is steep, but we stand by our vocational school,” commented Eberth on the report of the district treasurer, but not without asking critically whether the orientation of the vocational school might have to be changed. His colleague Bishop said that this was already happening as far as possible and that the district was fighting for every branch of the school. The school management reported that the number of students in the coming year would remain constant, but a precise indication of this was only possible at the beginning of the school year.

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