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BUENOS AIRES (AP) – CONMEBOL announced on Monday that between October 7 and 14, a new triple round of South American qualifiers will be played for the Qatar 2022 World Cup despite resistance from clubs in Europe.

“The month of October will also have triple action in the South American Qualifiers,” said the entity in a statement.

The three-day dispute in September had caused unease in clubs in Europe for coinciding with the start of the season. Furthermore, in the case of the English Premier League, players who traveled to South America were not exempted from serving a period of isolation imposed by the British government.

As a result of this background fight between the leagues and FIFA, several South American soccer stars were absent from their teams, including eight Brazilians, Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani, Chilean defender Francisco Sierralta and Paraguayan midfielder Miguel Almirón.

FIFA threatened to impose a five-day suspension on the weekend in the Premier. Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Paraguay waived their right to activate a FIFA regulation that would have prevented players from competing with their clubs. FIFA expects the British government to relax quarantine requirements for footballers in October.

Typically, the ten South American teams meet in a double playoff round. But the March date had been suspended due to the advance of the second wave of coronavirus in South America and forced a reformulation of the calendar.

With half the classification disputed, the leader Brazil (24) will visit Venezuela (last with four points) on Thursday, October 7. Argentina (18) will travel to Asunción to play against Paraguay (11).

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Uruguay (15) will receive Colombia, in a playoff position with 13 units, the same as Ecuador but with less goal difference. La Tri will be local to Bolivia (6), while Peru (8) will play with Chile (7) a duel that could be decisive for the future of both teams in the competition.

While on Sunday October 10 they will play: Colombia-Brazil; Venezuela-Ecuador; Bolivia-Peru; Argentina-Uruguay and Chile Paraguay. On Thursday, October 14, Colombia-Ecuador will be measured; Brazil-Uruguay; Bolivia-Paraguay; Argentina-Peru and Chile-Venezuela.


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