how the dog and the presenters with a punching bag and roulette played an apartment among the vaccinated in the suburbs

A 3-room apartment in the Novaya Proletarka residential complex in Serpukhov was played among the happy residents of the Moscow region who managed to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. The broadcast was conducted by the “360 °” TV channel. The selection of participants in the drawing was carried out both with the help of a dog, which had to choose one of the numbered bowls of food, and according to the number dropped out on the machine with a punching bag, as well as with the help of a tape measure, which was used to measure a long cloth. Such an apartment costs about 3 million rubles, the area is 75m². The competition was initiated by the Moscow Region administration in order to stimulate citizens to get vaccinated.

But initially, the idea of ​​giving gifts for vaccination was invented in the capital. Moscow donates 20 Renault Logan cars, its cost starts from 700 thousand rubles. And on June 23, the first five Logans went to Muscovites. The broadcast was shown on the Moscow 24 TV channel.

The regions are not lagging behind, although there, of course, the prizes are more modest. In the Magadan and Kursk regions, the elderly are paid from one to three thousand rubles for vaccination; in the Irkutsk region, local agricultural holdings and food factories promise people over 60 years old a discount on their goods. Also, which is quite unusual during an epidemic, the authorities are trying to bribe Russians with mass events. In Omsk, a vaccination station was deployed at an open-air philharmonic concert, in the Sverdlovsk region tickets to the cinema and a zoo are given out for the vaccine, and in Kirovskaya – to the circus.

Photo: TV channel 360 / YouTube

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