How students of the Republic of Kazakhstan can get free higher education

The public fund “Kazakhstan khalkyna” announces a competition for the award of grants as part of the implementation of the charitable program “educational grants”

The Foundation provides grants for students from low-income families in rural areas, orphans and children with disabilities who have not received a state or other grant to pay for higher bachelor’s education. Ustinka LIVE.

Applicants for the grant are current students studying in paid groups. The selection of students applying for a grant (with a scholarship) from the Foundation is carried out by the Public Association “Taiburyl”. The list of organizations of higher and postgraduate education (OVPO) – universities participating in the Charitable program “Educational grants of the PF “Kazakhstan khalkyna” for the 2022 – 2023 academic year is posted on the website of the PF “Kazakhstan khalkyna”.

The specialty is chosen by the applicant himself, there are no restrictions on the choice. The grant with a scholarship covers the entire period of study in undergraduate programs, from the moment the contracts are concluded. The limit on the cost of education is up to 1 million tenge for each student-grantee, if the annual cost of student education is higher, the difference must be paid by the grantee himself. The grants allocated by the Foundation are gratuitous assistance. The amount is non-refundable and after the completion of the training, the owner is not obliged to “work off” the funds spent on his training. The selection of applicants among the applicants of the current year is carried out by the admissions office or any other Commission operating at the OVPO (universities) as part of the implementation of educational grants.

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The payment of an educational grant is terminated in the following cases:

  • termination of studies for personal or health reasons (academic leave),
  • when a student is expelled from an educational organization,
  • when transferring/transferring a student to another educational institution, except for cases when the student is studying in another educational organization within the framework of exchange educational programs. Foreigners living in the Republic of Kazakhstan cannot apply for a grant from the Fund.

Applicants submit applications with supporting documents to the admission committees of higher educational institutions.

You need to provide the following documents:

  • a scanned copy of the applicant’s identity card,
  • Color copy of ID of parents/legal guardians
  • a copy of the certificate (with attachment) of high school / college diploma,
  • copy of the UNT certificate (any certificate of the current year,)
  • documentary evidence of one (or more) of the following categories:
  1. low-income families from rural areas;
  2. orphans and those left without parental care until the age of majority;
  3. persons with disabilities, including those with disabilities.

If the Applicant is an orphan or a pupil of an orphanage, a certificate of death of the parents or a certificate from the orphanage is required.

Also needed:

  • certificate of pension contributions of the applicant’s parents for the last six months,
  • information about the status of the recipient of the TSA (place of receipt – PSC RK),

  • a copy of documents certifying participation in competitions, olympiads (if any),

  • copies of certificates/diplomas, indicating the receipt of prizes at the republican tournaments in the field of culture and sports (if any),

You can apply for a grant online through the NGO TAIBURYL website from 1 to 15 August.

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