how much will the scholarship rise in 2021, the new scholarship law

The public chamber of the Russian Federation offered to increase scholarships to all Russian students. Officials believe that increasing the scholarship to the level of the living wage can make education in Russian educational institutions more convenient. Often, students spend their free time on various side jobs, but they could do their studies improving the level and quality of education.

As a student, we sometimes do not understand the importance of learning and think that we will be able to make up for everything in the future. But for the majority, this moment never comes. Hence, the level of illiteracy in the workplace also grows, which leads to what we have today.

Russia student scholarship in 2021

Today the living wage in Russia averages 11653 rubles, and the minimum stipend is only 1.5 thousand rubles. The problem of material support for students is quite acute. Most should look for additional income for a normal life.

Students of Russian universities can receive several types of scholarships at the same time. The amount of payments is determined by the educational institution.

The leadership of universities tries to encourage:

  • excellent students;
  • participants in creative competitions and olympiads;
  • authors of scientific works and inventions;
  • outstanding athletes;
  • public figures.

What types of scholarships exist in Russia today?

In 2021, Russian students receive several types of scholarships. Each of them has its own amount:

  • state social;
  • state academic;
  • registered (by universities and regions);
  • presidential;
  • government;
  • from enterprises and organizations that sent to study;
  • for graduate students, residents and assistants;
  • for students of preparatory courses.
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Amounts range from a minimum to 35 thousand rubles. The national average is 3139.5 rubles.

If the proposal of the Public Chamber is approved by the government of the country, then the scholarships will increase to the following amount:

  • for university students (bachelor’s, specialty, master’s degree) – 80% of the living wage of a working citizen;
  • for college and professional students – up to 60% of the living wage;
  • for graduate students, assistants and residents – up to 200% of the living wage.

Universities will begin to form the scholarship fund from September 1 of each academic year. The increase in the scholarship will take place in stages, starting from the current year. The entry into force of the bill is scheduled for September 1, 2023.

The main goal is to improve the financial situation of students, and as a result – to improve the quality of training of specialists.

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