How much kefir per day? Here are the right quantities


The kefir is a drink obtained from milk fermentation, rich in probiotics e probiotics, and therefore very beneficial for the body. The term kefir derives from the Turkish word keifr what does it mean Welfare, and in fact it is a substance with multiple properties useful for salute individual. A frequently asked question is how much kefir to drink per day? It is a question that has an easy answer, those who eat kefir every day have greater benefits than those who consume it a few times. Kefir is a very healthy drink that contains beneficial substances for our body.

What is kefir?

Kefir is to be considered as one of the most effective probiotics useful for restoring theBalance of the intestinal bacterial flora. In addition, it is rich in vitamin B12, amino acids, football, magnesium, phosphorus, e folic acid and it is well tolerated even by lactose intolerant people, because it contains a good dose of enzyma lattasi, useful in splitting milk sugars.

The benefits of eating kefir every day

As we mentioned, eating kefir every day is only good for our health, because it gives us many nutritional properties. Being very similar to yogurt it can also be consumed in the same way, that is, alone or accompanied by cereals, dried fruit and especially in the morning as a breakfast it does really well. The kefir that is prepared with fermented milk usually this milk is that of sheep or goats which are easier to digest. The benefits of kefir mainly concern the intestinal tracts, which thanks to this drink are regularized. This drink does not contain lactose (if prepared with goat’s or sheep’s milk) and for this reason it can be consumed without any problem even by those who are lactose intolerant. It is also a very important product for regulating the correct functioning of the renal system, and not only.

How much kefir to drink?

As for thetaking kefir, there are no specific limits for quantity or frequency of intake. However, despite the countless benefits of this drink, as with any food, it is important not to exceed: kefir can be consumed 1-2 times a day for a quantity between 100g e i 120g, if made with animal milk, if instead vegetable milk has been used, or water you can also drink 2-3 glasses per day of kefir water, equal to about 250g. These are only indicative quantities, because, as with all foods, the situation varies from person to person. In fact, especially in the case of kefir, since it is a fermented food, it is important gradually introduce it into the daily diet and listen to the responses of your body from time to time. A gradual intake of kefir avoids the onset of some annoying symptoms (headache, nausea and swelling) that are usually felt with probiotics. Experts advise to start with a few spoonfuls a day, then get to the recommended average dose of 1-2 cups. The intake may be continuous, but depending on the responses of your body, interruptions can be made. Drinking Kefir is a healthy habit for the body, the benefits are many and the contraindications are almost nil, you just have to introduce it in your daily diet.

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