How much is loosened today

HToday is loosened up, at least carefully: finally! Even if the general lockdown is likely to be extended until the end of March, come Relaxations not just for hairdressers, perishable early bloomers and podiatrists. Today the Prime Ministers are teaming up with Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss a so-called step-by-step and perspective plan in the corona pandemic. At last there is more than the slogans that have been announced since March 2020 – with the exception of a small summer break – hopefully. There is a lot of pressure coming from the federal states, not only the Hessian Prime Minister Volker Bouffier knows that the people are “fed up”. The economy is also pushing for measures to be taken against the pandemic to no longer be based solely on incidence values. 50? 35? or less than 60 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in one week? If some country bosses have their way, these are no longer the decisive standards. However, these figures continue to play a decisive role in the draft resolution submitted by the Chancellery to the FAZ.

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New corona key figures

Cai Tore Philippsen

The prime ministers, on the other hand, want the vaccination quota, the occupancy of the intensive care beds and the number of corona deaths to be taken into account. The goal is clear, the country leaders want to spread confidence. That State elections in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate on March 14th take place and the municipal representatives are re-elected in Hesse on the same Sunday, certainly also plays a role. But as is so often the case in this pandemic, the standards have to be readjusted. The First Mayor of Hamburg, Peter Tschentscher, is a reminder in the hour of loosening up. Angelika Fey interviewed the SPD politician and doctor in the podcast for Germany. On the other hand, Family Minister Franziska Giffey definitely wants to relax, saying that dogs cannot go to school earlier than children, she said and also mentioned the forgotten young people. Nobody has been interested in the 13 to 16 year olds in the past few months. The fact that politicians are now expressing concerns about wilting African violets does not go down so well with teenage parents.

We need 500,000 vaccinations a day

Looking for positive news in this crisis, we can report that since Monday (there are no more recent numbers at the moment) over five percent of Germans have received at least one dose of vaccine. And because these vaccine doses were mainly given to people over 80 years of age and residents of old people’s and nursing homes, the incidence in this age group is shrinking and the number of patients who have died from or with Covid-19 is falling. That was also called out to the demonstrators who last protested in front of our editorial office against the reporting of the FAZ. It remains true: distance helps, vaccinations work, science does not provide simple answers, but long-term solutions. On Monday, over 180,000 people in Germany received a vaccine dose, which is a record in this pandemic. But in order for every German to have received a vaccination or at least an offer by September 21 – so the Chancellor’s promise – an average of over 500,000 vaccine doses would have to be distributed in Germany every day from today.

And otherwise: If Friedrich Merz wants to move into the Bundestag for the CDU, the successful Eintracht board member Fredi Bobic breaks new ground, our financial advisor Volker Looman calculates how much money you need to be able to retire early.

The night in brief:

BVB wins 1-0 in Gladbach: With the victory in the DFB-Pokal quarter-finals, Dortmund intensified the problems of their future coach Marco Rose.

Joe Biden Promises Vaccine For Everyone By May: President Biden promises that there will soon be enough supplies to vaccinate all Americans. In Texas, the impatience is already so great that the governor has declared corona restrictions to be over.

Union and SPD agree on lobby registers: After a long dispute, there will soon be a publicly accessible register of interest representatives who have contact with MPs and members of the government.

A whole year without lessons: According to Unicef, 170 million children worldwide have not attended school for a year because of Corona. The consequences could be devastating, especially in poorer countries.

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