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Information about the cost of Tina Karol’s concert appeared on the Prozorro e-procurement website. It is quite expensive to invite a star to a holiday.

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But two years ago, Tina Karol, who recently got into a scandal because of her outfit, took 20 thousand euros for an hour of her performance on New Year’s holidays – about 600 thousand hryvnias, Pravda writes.

Tina Karol will perform at a festive concert dedicated to the Day of Melitopol on September 25. The concert of one of the most popular Ukrainian singers will cost the city 388 thousand hryvnias, according to the Prozorro website.


And if we compare this cost with the price for a New Year’s corporate party, the first will be less, however, many of Tina’s stellar colleagues still expose an even lower price tag for their concerts.

In August, the singer Jamala performed at the “Crimean Platform”. The singer performed only one song at the opening of the summit, for which she was paid 337 thousand hryvnia.

Watch the plot of one of the main concerts of this year in Kiev:

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