How much does Baskent University cost per year?


How much does Bashkent University cost annually?

The tuition fee for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry is TL 85,100 per year in the 2021-2022 academic year. Faculty of Pharmacy TL 73,600, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture TL 59,800 for Architecture Program, TL 55,200 for all undergraduate programs except these faculties.

Başkent University 2 semester fees when? First tuition fee upon final registration; The second installment will be paid at the beginning of the second semester.

How many scholarships does Bashkent University offer?

Article 11- (1) Those who have a secondary education/associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree from the University of Bashkent and enroll in an associate’s/bachelor’s degree program shall be granted an auxiliary scholarship in the amount of % of the tuition fees.

How much Turkish Lira does it cost to prepare for Bashkent University?


The difference in kindergarten fees is deducted for the spring semester….

School of Medicine * TL 74,000 Faculty of Business Sciences * TL 48,000 Faculty of Design and Architecture * TL 48,000 English Preparatory Program TL 40,000 Associate Degree Program TL 28,000 Bashkent What does the university scholarship mean?

This scholarship exempts you from paying annual tuition fees. This scholarship covers the entire period of study and study, including time spent in the English language preparatory program. However, double major or minor is also acceptable. This is a non-refundable, non-refundable scholarship.

How many courses does Capital Prep make?

Preparatory teaching of a foreign language within the framework of the European language portfolio, respectively, “Beginner” (A1), “Basic” (A2), “A level”, covering levels, “Pre-Intermediate” (B1) and “Intermediate” (B2), covering the “B level”, consists of two levels that complement each other.

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Bashkent University English Is preparation required?

English language preparation is mandatory in departments providing training (in English) and (30% in English).

How much does an examination cost in the Bashkent hospital?

Excessive Examination Fees in Baskent Ankara University Hospital Baskent Hospital. On 09/13/2021, TL 526 was charged for the examination of my mother in the Orthopedics and Traumatology Department, and TL 290 for the MRI procedure. shopping center

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