How much did it close this Monday, June 28

For its part, the gap between the blue dollar and the wholesale official reached 80.8%.

The informal dollar registered a rise of $ 17 during June, which represents its largest monthly advance so far this year.

For many operators, this was an expected rise, although somewhat delayed, taking into account that the price of the Black Market of Foreign Currency ended at $ 166 in 2020, when, for example, financial dollars register rises of up to 18% in 2021, compared to inflation close to 24% (21.5% until May) in the first 6 months of the year.

But there are other factors that influence this resurgence of the price of blue: greater demand for the payment of the bonus, the imminent refund of the Income Tax (workers will begin to collect it in July on a monthly basis until November), and the entry into validity or readjustments of some joint agreements.

All this, in addition, can be and is enhanced by a foreseeable greater dollarization of savings, in the final stretch towards the legislative STEP of next September 12, but neither should the expectation of a greater future monetary issue, expected in the previous every electoral contest.

The blue dollar comes from registering two consecutive monthly increases: it increased $ 9 in April and $ 7 in May. Previously, it had posted monthly lows in January, February and March, hitting a low of $ 139 in early April. So far this year, the price shows a rise of $ 7.

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