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Popular in the 80s, “Earthlings” will perform in St. Petersburg with an “anniversary megashow”. The event will be clearly unprofitable, especially since the ensemble has already promised to transfer all the proceeds to patriotic charity. Gazprom will pay for everything.

Photo: Sergey Karpukhin / TASS

The Zemlyan concert at the Gazprom Arena on July 2 is dedicated to the band’s 45th anniversary. By this date, the musicians explain one of the price categories of tickets: a seat costs exactly 45 rubles. The dance floor will cost more, 70 rubles. This price was also conceived as symbolic, since the leader of the “Earthlings” Vladimir Kiselyov turned 70 in July.

These are unprecedented low pricestickets for the September concert “DDT” at the same stadium, for example, from 1700 rubles to 5800 rubles) made the editors think about the economics of the project. Still, no one will give the Zemlyans free of charge sound, light, or the stadium itself, along with services and advertising, even despite their merits.

“The whole country sang, sings, and we believe that they will sing our songs. It is very important that everyone can go to our concert. Now everyone really needs it – support, unity, courage and faith in ideals. What we have always carried in our work and will continue to carry, ”Kiselyov himself explains the cost of tickets.

Note that the old line-up of the group (vocalist and guitarist Igor Romanov reunited with Zemlyany last year) and young members (vocalist Andrey Khramov and keyboardist Andrey Dubrovin) will also take the stage at the Gazprom Arena. There is also a variety in the program: they promise to play both hits and new songs of the last few years. Grass near the House, which became the official anthem of the Russian cosmonautics in 2009, will probably also be.

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It has already been officially announced that Zemlyane will transfer all proceeds from ticket sales to a hospital in Donbass. As the press service of the group assures, the amount should be serious: “Despite the fact that concert tickets have a symbolic cost of 45 and 70 rubles, this is an impressive amount, since several tens of thousands of spectators are expected at the Gazprom Arena. All this money will be transferred to a hospital in the city of Gorlovka in the Donetsk People’s Republic on behalf of the Zemlyans and their fans and will be used to treat wounded military and civilians affected by the hostilities.

According to the Zemlyan leader, since 2014 they have been helping the Donbass “both in word, and in song, and in deed.” The group performs, by the way, not only in the LDNR. In June, “Earthlings” sang at the Day of Russia in Kherson, and on the way back the bus with the musicians had an accident. Nobody was injured in the accident.

Fontanka calculated that the profit from the bulk of the tickets is unlikely to exceed 4 million rubles. We did not take into account the VIP boxes announced in the media: they are not available from major ticket operators.

The Gazprom Arena website lists the stadium’s capacity as 68,000 spectators. Probably, we are talking about the seats in the stands. According to the developer, the Transstroy company, the stadium can accommodate 80,000 people at theatrical and concert events. The announcement of the concert itself states that according to the plans, there will be “several tens of thousands of spectators”.

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It turns out that even if there is a full house at the performance of the Zemlyane ensemble, the organizer will get 3 million 60 thousand for seats for 45 rubles, and 840 thousand for tickets to the dance floor for 70 rubles.

Even if you calculate to the maximum – 80 thousand tickets for 70 rubles, it still comes out on the strength of 5.6 million.

Well-informed sources of “Fontanka” believe that in reality the show is worth tens of millions of rubles. In addition to the cost of a concert with a pyrotechnic and light show with the participation of a symphony orchestra, the organizers still need to pay for the rent of the stadium. Vladimir Litvinov, general director of Gazprom Arena, said that pleasure is not cheap: renting the entire stadium, along with a set of services, costs “not even ten million.”

He quickly turned off the conversation with the Fontanka correspondent specifically about the Zemlyany: “Agree on an interview with the club” (the stadium is managed by FC Zenit).

However, it hardly makes sense to look for a catch here. The information that the general sponsor of the Zemlyan concert will be PJSC Gazprom, which will pay all the expenses and expenses of the group, was confirmed to Fontanka in the corporation itself, however, very laconic. How much money will be spent on this, the press service tactfully kept silent.

Alina Ampelonskaya,

Photo: Sergey Karpukhin / TASS

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