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(tt – 11/22/22) Actually, the question should be: How much time does an animal get to settle into a new home? Before a protégé is placed by the Tom-Tatze animal shelter, the employees first get to know it. This makes it possible to find out what the animal in question really needs in its new future home.

“This journey of discovery is particularly exciting, because trust is the basis for recognizing jewels.” For Karin Schuckert and Katharina Hambsch, that is the best thing about their work. “We can give every interested party a good estimate of what to expect. Our animals get the time they need at the shelter before they are adopted. That is exactly what we expect from the future owners. We emphasize this in every mediation. Trust takes time!”

In theory all people are good, in practice they are not. Cat Minusch was fetched on Mondays and brought back on Wednesdays because she hissed and scratched. How can you have so little understanding for the animals? The employees were appalled. “Put yourself in the situation. Close your eyes and think of nothing but positive qualities about yourself that describe you well.

Now imagine you are moving from the village to the big city. A strange city, strange people, not even the bed you sleep in feels homey. What exactly is left of your positive qualities? Not much! It just takes time for you to be the great person you were before you moved.” The animals feel the same way. The expectations of them are high, if they are not met quickly, these animals end up back in the animal shelter.

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“Stop doing this to the animals. Think! And only if you are really ready to change your life to an animal and grow together, no matter how long it takes, then give a protégé from the Tom-Tatze animal shelter a new chance!

On the 1st of Advent, the Tom-Tatze animal shelter celebrates its animal Christmas and invites everyone to come by. In addition to delicious tarte flambée, there is also a homemade vegetable stew according to grandmother’s recipe, as well as a large selection of cakes. The animal protection youth and the creative team provide a Christmas market feeling with their specially manufactured items. It’s worth stopping by! Your local internet newspaper for Leimen, Nußloch, Sandhausen

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