How legionnaires will get to Russia: Zaitsev will fly from London, Lokomotiv players and coaches – from Turkey


Volleyball clubs don’t have to spend money on charters.

Most Super League teams have already started their preseason training camp, but so far they are mostly working without legionnaires. Some foreigners are waiting for their visas to be ready, others are already packing their bags and will arrive in Russia next week. Unlike football and hockey clubs, volleyball players will not have to spend money on charter flights – yesterday Russia opened international flights with three countries.


The best situation with foreign players in Zenit St. Petersburg. Cuban with a Russian passport Halo Cameho arrived in St. Petersburg in mid-July. According to “BUSINESS Online”, he drove through the Belarusian border. President of the country Alexander Lukashenko did not close the borders during the pandemic, despite a similar decision by other states.

Dmitry Pashitsky / photo:

Blocking Dmitry Pashitsky, italian fitness coach Claudio Rifelli and a Polish physiotherapist Paul Baryla arrived in the northern capital on July 14 through Finland. All had valid visas. Next time Pashitsky will probably no longer need it – he should soon receive a Russian passport. “Zenith” has to wait only for the French setter Antoine Brizard… He, like many other legionnaires of Russian clubs, is now on visa standby.

In this regard, the Super League clubs celebrate the assistance of the All-Russian Volleyball Federation, which at the end of July compiled a general list of foreign players and specialists. He was sent to the government through the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. Further, the document reached the regional divisions of the migration service, which allowed the clubs to issue invitations to legionnaires to enter. Now everything depends on consular services, and they work differently in all countries.

For example, the legionnaires of the Kazan “Zenith” and the Ufa “Ural” are still without visas. As soon as the players have passports and certificates with negative research results for COVID-19, it will be possible to think about transport logistics. One way or another, foreigners are expected until mid-August. Perhaps by that time there will be even more options for flights. So far, the European Union has extended the closure of international flights with Russia until August 15.

Photo: Alexey Belkin, BUSINESS Online

Recall that Russia, due to the coronavirus pandemic, stopped regular flights with other countries on March 27. It became known last week that from August 1, Russia will resume air traffic with three countries – Turkey, Great Britain and Tanzania. Flights to Turkey will be resumed in two stages: from August 1, flights to Istanbul and Ankara will begin, and from August 10 – to the main Turkish resorts.


It is through Turkey that Lokomotiv legionnaires are planning to fly to Russia. They are expected in Novosibirsk on August 6. Let us remind you that the club has a large diaspora of Bulgarian coaches – an assistant Plamena Konstantinova summer became Peter Shopov… And the second Loko team is headed by Georgi Petrov… Serbs will be a couple of the team’s legionnaires on the court in the coming season Dražen Luburič and Marko Ivovič.

Plamen Konstantinov / photo: Alexander Lukin,

While Konstantinov remotely directs the training of the Novosibirsk team, which began on July 23.

“Konstantinov is constantly in touch. We communicate by phone and video. All workouts are online: Plamen is watching them on the other side of the screen. We broadcast volleyball lessons to him live – fortunately, in the modern world such an opportunity exists. But the “live” presence of the head coach, of course, is not enough. However, the training takes place in the same mode as with it. He looks and makes certain adjustments, ”said the new sports director of the club Nikolai Pavlov.

Serbian blocking “Kuzbass” should also fly from Turkey to Moscow Petar Krsmanovic, but the diagonal Ivan Zaitsev will fly to Russia from London. He is expected at the team’s location in the middle of next week. Ivan has a Russian passport, and in his case, they were waiting for the opening of the borders. As soon as this happened, tickets were bought for the volleyball player.

Ivan Zaitsev / photo:

Legionnaires of the Nizhny Novgorod ASK Dmitry Viyetsky and Denis Petrovs now train as part of their national teams. The Ukrainians are already finishing their training camp, so Viecki is expected at the club in the coming days. Most likely, he will enter Russia through the Belgorod region. Petrovs will be released only at the end of August. Then his route of return to Nizhny Novgorod will be determined.

Dynamo has the most unusual situation – the legionnaires of the team do not need to fly to Moscow, because the team is starting training in Turkey today.

“The gathering in Turkey was planned with us in the winter before the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. Last summer we were preparing for the season in the same place. The team goes to a specialized sports hotel, where all the necessary safety measures are observed. Visiting Turkey is now officially authorized by the Russian government. We are confident that in making this decision, our authorities have fully analyzed the situation. We have no fears and reasons not to trust their decisions, “Dynamo head coach said in an interview with BUSINESS Online. Constantine Bryansk.

Sam Deru / photo:

Bulgarian diagonal Tsvetan Sokolov due to join the team on August 9th, Belgian Wing Spiker Sam Deru – a day later. Finnish libero Laurie Kerminen will arrive when he resolves issues with documents. His capital club signed only last week – for a performance in the Champions League.

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