How Jennifer Aniston overcame her fear of carbohydrates

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For much of his life, Jennifer Aniston has had to deal with intense scrutiny from the public. Since she played Rachel Green in Friends, the actress became a very loved person and, as often happens, her private life has since become a recurring topic of conversation in the media. Almost 30 years later, the actress has admitted that she had to go to therapy to overcome all the speculation about her love life or the decision not to be a mother.

But it’s not the only thing Aniston has had to overcome in recent years. It seems that he has also dealt with personal battles related to food, specifically with the carbohydrate consumption.

In a recent interview with the magazine People, the star has revealed that carbohydrate consumption was one of her biggest fears. For years, Anniston was afraid to eat any food with carbohydrates, so much so that came to acquire a kind of phobia towards bread. But, as she has revealed, it is something that she has been able to overcome and now she no longer lets her terror of the bread basket rule her life.

“I started to give myself a break, allowing myself to eat pasta or a sandwich. Everyone is afraid of the bread basket, but there is no reason to have it. As long as it is eaten in moderation,” he explains. Since have reintroduced carbohydrates into your lifeAnniston admits that her body is aware of change and she loves it. “It seems that my body appreciates when I take carbohydrates, it is as if it thanks me for not depriving it of the things that it likes.”

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Even so, the interpreter assures that she exercises daily and has commented on several occasions that she follows intermittent fasting. Although in general, at 52 years old, she affirms that she has decided to enjoy and not deprive herself of anything.

There are no ostentations in your morning routine. She simply gets up, meditates, has a cup of coffee with collagen powder – she is now the creative director of a supplement brand -, walks her dogs and then usually does some training, as she told E! Entertainment.

He has a special fondness for Pilates, who came into his life after suffering a back injury during training. Anniston claims that this discipline helps her feel better by reducing the stress on her body. “When I injured my back, I said to myself: ‘Maybe it was from doing that twisting squat movement.’ And that is because he explains that he likes to perform exercises with variations in which he” adds four movements in one “, despite the consequences .

Even so, he explains that he is fine. “I have been able to run, which is my passion. I am going to start incorporating the running little by little to my workouts. “

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