How important is freedom to Germans?

Moving the pendulum in this direction of freedom is the task of liberals, to whose political arm the Free Democrats (FDP) have recently developed again. In the corona crisis, the party was able to explain quite conclusively how it imagines the balance between infection protection and civil rights. Now it is important to transfer this argument to other questions such as climate protection or the housing market in such a way that the balance between freedom, protection of the environment and the desire for fair solutions is preserved. This task is not easy, but it seems to be getting easier with each passing day of the pandemic. In the meantime, it has been shown that more and more people find the government’s tutelage to be a burden. Maybe the Germans can do something with freedom after all.

More on the subject: The EU expressly allows a zero percent tax rate on corona vaccines and rapid tests. Twenty countries are taking part, but Germany is not. Just why?

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