How harvest workers in a field in Efringen churches startled safe thieves – Efringen churches

A safe is stolen when the Pfalz pharmacy in Efringen-Kirchen is broken into. When the killers try to open it in a field, they are surprised by harvest workers. They flee with small prey.

The safe, on which two men tampered with on the way to the Isteiner thresholds early on Saturday, as reported, comes from the Pfalz pharmacy in Efringen-Kirchen, as the police confirmed on Monday. Thanks to harvest workers, the alleged thieves were surprised at what they did. When they escaped on foot, they left the unopened safe and their car behind.
The safe contained only medicines, as Brigitte Knaudt, owner of the Pfalz-Apotheke, reports to the BZ. She is glad it didn’t get lost, but the thieves had demolished it so much that she couldn’t open it yet to …

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