How does a referendum work – referendums.Bavaria

A referendum is a 3-stage process.

First of all, citizens formulate their referendum and determine whether they want to introduce a law, change it or change the Bavarian constitution.

1st stage application

The first stage stipulates that a petition for a referendum must be submitted. In Bavaria, the application is submitted to Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Sport and Integration. In order to be able to submit the application, 25,000 support votes must be collected. These support voices must be verified as eligible to vote by the respective municipalities.

2nd stage referendum

After receiving the application with 25,000 supporters, the ministry will check whether the formal requirements have been met to the application and the supporter votes are fulfilled and then announces a date for the referendum should be carried out. The deadline for signing the referendum is 14 days and the signature is carried out in the polling stations of the respective municipalities.

In order for the referendum to be successful, 10% of Bavarian citizens entitled to vote must agree to a law. In the special case of the dismissal of the state parliament, 1 million citizens must agree.

3rd stage referendum

This stage always triggers when the referendum is successful and the state parliament does not submit its own draft law on the subject of the referendum.

In the referendum, the approval or rejection of the motion from the referendum is voted on on one day.

In the case of a decision on a law, a simple majority of the votes cast is sufficient for approval.

If a decision is made on the constitution, 25% of the citizens entitled to vote must have taken part in the election (participation quorum).

If a constitutional referendum is submitted by the government to the people, the people do not need a quorum

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