How do dogs see the world? New study provides insight

Dogs see the world unlike humans. This has now been confirmed in a new study, which showed that dogs observing actions set their focus very differently than humans. And also Dogs see colors very different from us.

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Dogs see the world in these colors

The widespread opinion that dogs only see the world in black and white or in shades of gray is wrong. Dogs see colorsbut they are very different from our own perception.

Dogs have two different types of photoreceptors and can therefore perceive two color spectrums. Humans, however, have three photoreceptors and can see three spectrums of colors.

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What the eye color reveals about the dog

Every dog ​​is unique and its character is influenced by many different factors. As with people, there are also studies that establish a connection between eye color and personality traits. The results are exciting and often accurate.

recognize dogs especially blue-violet and yellow tones, while they can only perceive red colors weakly. This is comparable to a person who is red-green-blind.

see dogs Green and red not in their actual colors, but perceive them as grey-brown shades. Dogs, on the other hand, can recognize objects in blue or yellow very well.

Dogs can only dimly perceive red colors. ©

Study shows how dogs perceive actions

Researchers at Emory University (Georgia, USA) found out in a study that dogs Focus differently than humans lay when you observe a situation. While humans tend to look at the objects, ie who does what with whatthe brain of dogs is more focused on the action itself (what happens).

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The researchers studied how dogs’ brains worked by showing them videos while performing an MRI scan. It also shows that the brain of dogs is primarily geared towards actions evolutionary biology Sense. Animals have to deal very intensively with the processes in their environment in order to avoid predators or to observe other animals that they want to hunt. This requires a high Level of alertness and intelligence.

So when you give your dog a treat, his focus is more on the act of “giving the treat” than on you as the feeder.

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