How can you tell if your dog is happy?

When an owner looks at his dog, he asks himself many questions: does he like the food I give him? Is the bed I bought comfortable for you? Do you notice that I love you? In short, if he is happy. Since dogs don’t talk, we can’t verbally communicate with them, so the only way to know how they feel is by looking at their body language.

After all, dogs, like humans, show through their physical appearance what can affect them emotionally. Next, we are going to see four signs with which you can identify if your pet is satisfied.


If your dog does not show itself to outsiders, it is probably not well

The movement of his tail. The first sign your dog will show that he is happy is by wagging his tail. Perhaps it is the best known of all. If at any time you see that he has his tail down or tucked between his legs, it means that he is sad or even suffering from anxiety or fear.

He is social. There are dogs that love to be the center of attention and interact, both with their own kind and with us, while there are others that are calmer. But everyone likes to be in our company, so if your dog hides or avoids greeting new people, it is likely that he is not feeling well.

A dog enjoys the game at a family gathering

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He exercises. When people are sad or depressed, we have a hard time getting out of bed and making plans; The same thing happens with dogs. If your pet is not active and spends the day sleeping, something is wrong. Happy dogs love to walk, play and run around.

Ear movement. If a dog is relaxed, his ears will be in their natural position. However, when they are excited, they move up slightly, while when they are afraid that something is going to happen, they are sad or worried, they push them back.

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If you detect some of the signs that your dog is not happy and relaxed, there are several things you can do to improve his mood. The most important thing is to make sure that there are no undetected health problems: if the dog is sociable and playful and spends a few days off and dozing, it is best to take him to the vet.

Javier García Peiteado, a veterinarian at the Gaia Clinic, and a specialist in exotic animals and diagnostic imaging, recommends “being attentive to any sign other than the usual behavior of your pet can mean early detection of any problem and the possibility of finding the solution as soon as possible.” as quickly as possible”

A puppy shows his sad look

A puppy shows his sad look


Once any type of problem of this type has been ruled out, it is recommended to create a routine for your pet, try to take him for a walk and feed him at the same times every day, make him interact with other dogs and play with him. In the event that their behavior does not improve, the ideal is to consult a specialist, since dogs can also suffer from anxiety or depression and behaviors that alert us that something is happening should not be ignored.

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