How can we bring health and sport closer together?

Health is very present in our daily lives and with the coronavirus its importance has become even more evident. Sport has great benefits in physical health and also in mental health. But there are many aspects about health and sports that are not always well known or that are not addressed much at an educational or media level to reach the population.

In this sense, the Higher School of Health Sciences of TecnoCampus organizes a cycle of conferences on health and sport, with a monthly conference on the last Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. from March to November 2021. The conferences are free, require registration, and will be held in virtual format.

“We have wanted to do something from school for a long time. The idea is to look for a joint activity that we can carry out across the three grades that we offer at the School and that is of the greatest possible interest to the population. In this way, contribute that grain of sand of knowledge and more in these complicated moments where it is essential to take care of our health, ”says Dr. Noemí Serra Paya, Deputy Director of the Higher School of Health Sciences.

The conferences are open to everyone who is interested in the topics. “With these conferences we want to familiarize people with important concepts of health and sport in a simple way, bring science and its application closer together, also give advice that may be useful on a day-to-day basis, dealing with topics that usually have a great demand and a point of complexity, which are not always dealt with and we consider that they are enriching ”, points out Serra.

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On Thursday, March 11, on the occasion of Women’s Day, the cycle of conferences was inaugurated with a special on the prevention of injuries and optimization of performance in women’s football. The talk was given by Blanca Romero Moraleda, professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, physical trainer of the Spanish women’s soccer team, and by Isabel Arbonès, physiotherapist of the FCB’s first women’s soccer team between 2016 and 2020, and was moderated. by Laia Monne, PhD in Physiotherapy, Physiotherapist and Osteopath.

Next Thursday, April 22 at 6:00 p.m. there will be a presentation called “Emotional Looks: How do we communicate?” by David Bueno, doctor in Biology, director of the UB-EDU1st Neuroeducation chair, professor and researcher at the Biomedical, Evolutionary and Development Genetics Section of the University of Barcelona. It will analyze how the topic of health and sports, neuroeducation is communicated and there will also be a scientific part.

On May 20, the presentation “5 keys to your personal brand (communication on social networks)” will take place, by Leti Pelegrín, specialist in personal branding in the fitness sector. “What we want is to explain how to enhance the personal brand. There are many YouTubers who are very good at social networks, but who do not have a training. It is necessary to promote that qualified professionals who have invested time in training can transmit their knowledge on social networks, to avoid intrusion and malpractice ”, explains Serra.

On June 17, the presentation “Comprehensive rehabilitation of the amputee patient of the upper and / or lower limb” will take place, by Dr. Lluís Guirao Cano, associate physician specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Head of the Rehabilitation Service of the Hospital Asepeyo St Cugat del Vallès, and associate professor at the Higher School of Health of the TecnoCampus.

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On October 21 there will be the presentation “The first pandemic of the XXI century: successes and errors in the management of Covid-19” and on November 18 the presentation “Clinical evaluation and therapeutic approach in the vertiginous patient”, to explain integratively the effects of the vertiginous patient, detect the symptoms, and correctly address this more common pathology than we often think.

“The demands of each of the degrees have been analyzed and through these conferences it is intended to respond to the needs that we have detected. A fundamental aspect of the conferences is the interaction with the participants, a part of the conference is dedicated to debate, questions, resolution of doubts … even the mail of the speakers is provided in case any question arises later to give maximum added value possible ”, concludes Serra.

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