Housing construction is picking up thanks to houses

Compared to the pre-crisis period, the number of new houses has thus jumped by more than 15% in France. (Archives)


Housing construction has returned in recent months above its level before the health crisis in France, a development which is explained by a jump in new houses, according to figures released Tuesday by the government.

Between March and May, 99,500 homes began to be built in France and 109,300 future homes have obtained their building permits, according to data from the Ministry of Energy Transition, on which Housing depends.

Either way, that’s a jump of more than half from a year earlier. But this comparison is hardly meaningful, since in 2020 the same period was marked by the establishment of the first confinement linked to the health crisis, which had blocked constructions as authorization procedures.

However, when compared to the same period of 2019, these indicators remain on the rise: + 1.5% for building permits, + 5.9% for housing starts. Their level is therefore higher than before the health crisis.

But this landscape is contrasted according to the types of housing. Compared to the pre-crisis period, the number of new homes jumped by more than 15% to 51,500, while the number of apartment buildings fell by around 10% to 49,900.

This figure does not take into account accommodation in serviced residences (students, seniors) which remain more or less stable over two years.

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