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US media: Xi Jinping broke through the bottom line in Europe and America, opened the iron curtain of confrontation between China and the West
In recent years, the CCP’s human rights persecutions in Hong Kong and Xinjiang have broken through the bottom line of the United States and other countries, and have caused Western countries to join forces in sanctions against the CCP. According to external analysis, the current regime of the CCP has implemented “wolf war diplomacy” and frantically attacked the entire Western camp, opening the iron curtain of confrontation between China and the West.

China’s century-old store “Goubuli” cannot guarantee that all Beijing stores are closed
The last store of “Goubuli Baozi” in Beijing, a century-old Chinese restaurant, quietly closed a few days ago and withdrew from the Beijing catering market. And “Goubuli” in Tianjin’s old base camp is also quietly reducing its sales outlets.

Xi Mingze releases the main culprit in the information leak case?Outflow of internal evidence from the police
The personal information leakage of Xi Jinping’s daughter Xi Mingze has been exposed again. A person familiar with the matter recently disclosed some internal evidence from the CCP’s public security that the police who handled the case deliberately released the principal offender, but labelled a group of children as scapegoats.

Tragic! Surveillance photographed Baotou Steel’s employees committing suicide by jumping from molten steel in the blast furnace (video)
Recently, a short video of “a male employee of Baotou Steel Group suspected of committing suicide by jumping into molten steel in a blast furnace due to heavy pressure” was circulated on the Internet. Surveillance video recorded a tragic process of a worker jumping off the blast furnace after he lingered for a long time. The Chinese Communist Party’s official response has been involved in the investigation.

Jiang Zemin’s confidant Liang Guanglie appeared and passed on to escape in time and escape the catastrophe
Recently, Jiang Zemin’s confidant and former minister of the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of National Defense, Liang Guanglie, appeared in Sichuan, causing concern. Earlier news reported that Liang Guanglie was investigated for a long time when Xu Caihou, the deputy chairman of the CCP’s deputy military committee, had an accident. After that, Liang took the initiative to withdraw the stolen goods and temporarily escaped the fate of being investigated.

Inside the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the former Secretary of the Shaanxi Commission for Discipline Inspection attempted suicide insider revealed
Recently, a feature film broadcast by the Communist Party of China exposed the inside story of the attempted suicide of the Shaanxi Commission for Discipline Inspection, former member of the Standing Committee of the Xianyang Municipal Party Committee, and former Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Quan Wangjun. Quan Wangjun fell from the horse in 2019. Before falling from the horse, he issued a suicide note and attempted suicide.

Pakistani Prime Minister and President both diagnosed after vaccination in China
The Chinese Communist Party’s domestic vaccine broke another big scandal. Following the Pakistani Prime Minister’s diagnosis of the Chinese National Medicines vaccine, the country’s President Arif Alvi (Arif Alvi) also confirmed on the 29th that he tested positive for the virus after being vaccinated with a vaccine produced by China’s Sinopharm Group.

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Xi Jinping was dragged away when he stopped the car and complained about “calling the wronged girl” by exposing his stuff to the people in Fujian (video)
A few days ago, when Xi Jinping and his wife were investigating Fujian, a woman rushed to his motorcade and knelt down and shouted injustice. She was forcibly dragged away by more than a dozen plainclothes among the crowd. A US media reported on the 29th that the authorities carefully arranged the director’s “People-Friendly Show” because of this accident.

Is the era of Chinese “grazing” coming again?Li Keqiang “chews the grassroots” cites the association
Li Keqiang recently visited Nanjing University and talked about the school motto of Nantah: “Chew the grassroots and do great things.” Some netizens think that this means that the era of “grazing” is coming again? In recent years, affected by the trade war and the CCP virus, China’s economy has fallen to the bottom, and people’s lives have been very difficult. The CCP, on the other hand, provokes everywhere, becomes an enemy of the international community, and tries to sacrifice the interests of 1.4 billion Chinese people in order to continue its life for the CCP.

Harbin “Electric Tiger” Involved in Hundreds of Black Luxury Cars Investigated
Recently, the CCP CCTV notified the Harbin “Electric Tiger” case, exposing the private assets of the former deputy director of the Harbin Electric Power Bureau, Li Wei brothers, including: 100 luxury cars, 69 sets of real estate, and nearly 1 billion in cash detained. The three brothers have already been sentenced. But the “protective umbrella” behind it has not been touched.

Home prices keep falling, Yanjiao popular “free room delivery”
Housing prices in cities around Beijing have fallen year after year, and a large number of properties have become “insolvent”. Recently, a lot of information about “free house delivery” in Yanjiao has appeared on the Internet. Loan buyers hope to get rid of the mortgage by giving away people at a loss.

New research reveals the true cause of death of Pompeii
Pompeii was rich and prosperous in the ancient Roman period, and people were arrogant and luxurious, but everything was buried under the volcanic ash overnight, which has brought people vigilance and reflection. A new study showed that local residents were choked to death by high temperature and dense volcanic ash within 17 minutes.

Taiwan plans to use missiles to respond to frequent disturbances of Taiwan by Chinese military aircraft
The Deputy Minister of National Defense of Taiwan stated on March 29 that in response to the frequent disturbance of Taiwan by Chinese military aircraft, the military is ready to switch to a new strategy of “missile tracking and targeting” to avoid a war of attrition with the CCP. At the same time, the Taiwan military is also stepping up its deployment on Taiping Island in the South China Sea in response to attacks from Beijing.

British media: The actual combat effectiveness of the CCP’s military equipment may not necessarily be so scary
In the middle of this month, the British government announced the Comprehensive Assessment Report involving foreign, defense, and security policy assessments, confirming that the CCP is one of its global rivals. Some British media quoted experts’ analysis and pointed out that although the CCP’s armaments seem to be terrible, the specific performance of its military in combat may not be the case.

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Nike H&M is snapping up purchases in many places, exposing real public opinion under public speculation
The CCP has incited a boycott of international clothing brands such as Nike and H&M on the Internet. Some brands have taken advantage of the opportunity to reduce prices, which has triggered a panic buying wave in many places in China. Many Chinese people are not interested in the CCP’s propaganda. Some fifty cents and small pinks only treat “patriotism” as a business, and they will not refuse the temptation of profit offline.

The Burmese army throws living people into the fire and randomly shoots them to create terror
The Burmese military government continued its bloody suppression of the Burmese people. It was recently accused of wounding and throwing people into the fire, leaving only bones. In addition, the Internet revealed that the military and police randomly fired in various places, and even entered the house to kill people, in order to deter the people from democratic resistance. Chinese netizens lamented the June Fourth Massacre and questioned the CCP’s “exporting revolution”.

12 Hong Kong resident Li Yuxuan disappeared after returning to Hong Kong for one week, Hong Kong media claimed to be a psychiatric hospital for secret prisoners
Li Yuxuan in the “Twelve Hong Kong Cases” returned to Hong Kong recently, and was subsequently charged by the police for violating the National Security Law. His family members have not been able to meet with him or confirm his whereabouts, which aroused suspicion from outsiders. On Monday (29th), some Hong Kong media revealed that Li Yuxuan is currently being detained in the “mystery team” of the Xiaolan Psychiatric Center, and there are rumors that he may be transferred to the so-called “stained witness”.

Czech’s richest man died in a plane crash accused of helping the CCP expand its influence
Czech billionaire “Peter Kellner” died in a plane crash. His Home Credit Group is the only wholly foreign-owned financial company that has obtained China’s consumer finance license, with operations in China, Central and Eastern Europe, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Kellner was accused of helping the CCP to expand its overseas influence.

The CCP’s Wolf Warriors once again publicly insulted the Canadian Prime Minister
The CCP Consul General in Rio de Janeiro, Li Yang, suddenly went crazy recently. He insulted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Twitter, and once again refreshed the world’s three views, sparking heated discussions on overseas networks, and being criticized to show the lower limit of CCP’s wolf diplomacy.

Sandstorm hits Beijing again, blue sun again, 13 provinces and cities suffer
After a lapse of 13 days, northern China was hit by sandstorms again, affecting approximately 240 million people in 673 counties in 13 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities. The concentration of PM10 in the core area of ​​sand and dust is as high as 10,000 (μg/m3). Beijing was also shrouded in dust on the 28th, recreating the “blue sun” scene.

Lanzhou Taolu loan case exposes 89 suicides and more than 390,000 victims
An extraordinarily large “routine loan” case in Lanzhou, Gansu was exposed a few days ago. More than 390,000 victims of the case, 89 people committed suicide due to forced debt collection, and the total amount involved in the case reached 6.273 billion yuan.

Inspection team stationed in the company “anti-monopoly” Tencent may follow in Ali’s footsteps
Chinese Internet giant Tencent is facing an antitrust investigation by the Chinese Communist Party’s regulatory authorities. Tencent President Liu Chiping recently admitted publicly that he has met with the anti-monopoly department, and a few days ago there was news that the central inspection team had been stationed in Tencent. Public opinion believes that the Beijing authorities have successively purged large technology companies, mainly to prevent them from “situating large” and becoming difficult to control.

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Economist: China still cannot be richer than the United States in the next 50 years
Many people believe that the Asian economy is expected to surpass the United States to become the world’s largest economy. However, Simon Baptist, the global chief economist of the Economist Intelligence Unit (Economist Intelligence Unit), a British economic research and analysis agency, recently stated that in the next 50 years or more, the United States will still China is richer.

Global chip shortage, China’s home appliance manufacturing pressure increases
As the global shortage of semiconductors intensifies, consumers are facing rising prices and shortages of daily necessities, and even ordinary household appliances are deeply affected. Of course, home appliance manufacturers in mainland China are also facing a lot of pressure.

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