Horror in Edomex: a whole family tortured and murdered a dog on a rooftop

At least eight members of the family, supposedly last name Martínez, testified and / or participated in the cruel act (Photo: Screenshot / Twitter @Ro_Monster_)

On July 21, World Dog Day was celebrated: a date to celebrate the four-legged furry in gratitude for their company and loyalty to people.

In the same way, that day has the objective of creating awareness about the number of dogs that are abandoned, mistreated and abused around the world.

And it is that any animal runs the risk of suffering a violent life and a cruel fate if it reaches the wrong hands, just as a puppy lived in Tlalnepantla, which died at the hands of his own owners last Sunday, July 25.

A strong video posted on social media shows when eight members of a family, presumed surname Martínez, They met to torture to death his pet with the reason that he had bitten one of the women.

At first, two females, one in a yellow blouse and the other in blue, designated as Lorena, beat the animal with sticks and wood, while the latter’s husband, identified as Village, I held it so that it would not move; It should be noted that the dog He was still chained, but he was still standing.

After the first series of blows, “Pueblito” stoned the animal twice in the head (Photo: Screenshot / Twitter @Ro_Monster_)

According to what was expressed by the neighbors who recorded the tape, the dog he was always tied up on the roof of the home; reason for which they did not understand the alleged cause that led the family to carry out the cruel act.

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– Bit the lady – shouted a member of the family.

– Poor little dog. Don’t kill him! – One of the neighbors replied.

– He attacked me – argued another woman, supposedly named Gloria, as she showed the camera the wound that the dog would have done to her.

– Don’t make up, but it’s tied up all the time! – Impotent attacked the neighbor.

The pleas of the residents were not enough to stop the family, on the contrary, the violence towards the animal escalated to the point that Village the threw a stone at the head, which brought down the pet.

However, it was a second stoned, also fostered by Village, which ended his strength and possibly his life. After the blow, the animal convulsed on the ground and soon after it stopped showing movement.

“Gloria”, in a striped blouse, showing the wound caused by the dog (Photo: Screenshot / Twitter @Ro_Monster_)

The family showed no mercy and turned his back on the reclining animal in the sunlight, then verbally assault to the neighbors who captured the gruesome scene with their cell phone; even Gloria urged them to call the ambulance to attend to her wound, but they refused.

“That is not the way to treat a dog.”one of them yelled at the end of the video.

According to the page “Mundo Patitas”, other members who also participated in the event (or testified without acts to prevent it) are: The matriarch of the family who wore a green blouse; Fernando, son of Gloria and Village, of brown sweater; his wife, in a yellow blouse, and the children of the latter two, both with white shirts.

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For his part, twittero and journalist Rodrigo Juárez (@Ro_Monster_) shared a screenshot detailing that the events occurred on Francisco Villa de la Colonia Street Santa Maria Tlayacampa of the State of Mexico.

He also reported that this Monday the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) opened an investigation folder for animal abuse and, with it, the initiation of the corresponding inquiries.


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