Horizon Zero Dawn launches August on Steam, Epic Games Store


Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the most popular PlayStation 4 exclusives of all time, will launch on PC on August 7 with several improvements.

The PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn was announced in March after months of rumors that the game was abandoning PlayStation 4 exclusivity Sony global studio director Hermen Hulst, who previously served as studio director for game developer Guerilla Games, has confirmed the platform jump in an interview on the PlayStation Blog.

Guerilla Games has released a new trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn: full edition for the PC, revealing a release date of August 7 on Steam and Epic Games Store.

The trailer isn’t just about the game’s release date, as it has also shown several improvements to come Horizon Zero Dawn for its arrival on PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn will support unlocked frame rates and ultra-wide monitors at launch, and will also offer graphics customization and controller options at launch. The trailer featured dynamic foliage and enhanced reflections as examples of the game’s visual enhancements, as well as a benchmarking tool to assess the player’s PC. Digital Trends has contacted Guerilla Games for information on any other upgrades, and we will update this article as soon as we respond.

Horizon Zero Dawn was built on the Decima engine of Guerilla Games, which was also used by Kojima Productions for Stranding death. The excellent performance of the PC port of the latter, which will be deployed on July 14, augurs well for the adventures of Aloy as she changes platform.

Meanwhile, Guerilla Games is already working on the sequel, Horizon prohibited in the West, which will launch on PlayStation 5. Details on the next title are scarce, but it seems to be happening shortly after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn.

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