Horeca: some 20,000 people have already reserved a table for the month of May

The measure is not even confirmed yet that the Belgians have already started reservations.

LTable reservations in restaurants have resumed since the announcement made on Friday by the Consultative Committee of a reopening of the Horeca from May 1. According to the Tablebooker website, around 20,000 people have already reserved a table in an establishment in Flanders. Horeca Vlaanderen, on the other hand, does not have any figures. However, “our fifty regional divisions are a clear signal that the prospect of May 1 is welcome,” says Mathias De Caluwé, Managing Director.

Online reservations began very shortly after the Consultation Committee’s announcement. Sunday around 3 p.m., Tablebooker already counted 20,000 reservations in Flanders. “Especially for the first week after the possible restart,” said Paul Slootmans, CEO of Tablebooker. This reservation platform works with 2,500 affiliated restaurants in Flanders and Brussels. “And not all of them are open yet.”

For its part, Horeca Vlaanderen does not currently have figures on reservations. “The vast majority operate with their own system. But it is true that the announced date of May 1 was well received, ”according to Mathias De Caluwé.


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