Hope Nindy Ayunda After Askara Officially Becomes a Domestic Violence Suspect


Nindy Ayunda’s husband, Askara Parasady Harsono, has been officially declared a suspect in the alleged domestic violence case at the South Jakarta Metro Police.

South Jakarta Metro Police through the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for South Jakarta Metro Police AKBP Jimmy Christian Samma said that the determination of the suspect to Askara was based on existing evidence in accordance with Nindy Ayunda’s report. This includes the results of the post mortem that Nindy had done some time ago.

“(Askara is a suspect) Yes, that’s right. Today,” said Jimmy when contacted by detik.com, Tuesday (23/2/2021).

“(What is burdensome) are the facts. Anyway, the two tools of evidence are already. That means already, you can become a suspect,” added Jimmy again.

Although now Askara has been named a suspect, Jimmy said there would be further investigations related to the domestic violence case. Jimmy admitted that he would schedule a summons to Askara.

“We’re currently scheduling (calling Askara)” said Jimmy.

“We’ll see, we’ll get together first,” he continued.

So, what is the response of Nindy Ayunda regarding the status of her husband who has become a suspect?

Nindy Ayunda, through her attorney, Dicky Muhammad Kurniawan, appreciated the work of the South Jakarta Metro Police. This is because the South Jakarta Metro Police has named Askara Parasady Harsono as a suspected domestic violence suspect.

This was conveyed by Dicky when he was met by reporters at Polda Metro Jaya, Tuesday (23/2).

“Nindy himself appreciates the excellent performance of the South Jakarta Police for responding to Nindy’s brother,” said Dicky.

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In addition, Dicky conveyed several messages that were left by Nindy Ayunda after Askara became a suspected domestic violence suspect. Nindy admitted that she would always follow the legal process which took place according to the procedure.

“Yes, the files should be completed immediately if, for example, there is something missing from the prosecutor’s office and just follow the process in force in Indonesia,” said Dicky.

Not only that, Nindy Ayunda also hopes that her husband will be tried soon. “Hope (Nindy Ayunda) himself, maybe Askara’s brother asked to be tried at the South Jakarta District Court,” continued Dicky.

It is known, Nindy Ayunda reported her husband to the South Jakarta Metro Police on December 19, 2020. After that, he did a post mortem test on the part of his body that was suspected of having domestic violence.

The South Jakarta Metro Police have also provided Nindy Ayunda’s post mortem results. Called, there are bruises on several parts of the face and other body parts.

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