Hong Kong: Britain defies Beijing


The country, which has offered nearly 3 million Hong Kongers the opportunity to come and stay on its soil, is also considering reducing its dependence on China. A thorny question.

It has been a long time since we have seen a British government behave in such a welcoming manner towards strangers. According to a YouGov survey, 64% of Britons approve the offer made by Boris Johnson to almost 3 million Hong Kongers to settle in Great Britain with, ultimately, the possibility of obtaining British nationality. Unsurprisingly, this proposal, on the other hand, was hardly appreciated by China, which on Thursday threatened Britain with reprisals with “adequate measures”, without however specifying further.

The standoff that is taking place today between London and Beijing, is linked to the adoption by Beijing of a law on national security that kills Hong Kong. While the fate of the former British colony crystallized the opposition of values ​​between the West and the Chinese communist regime, the initiative of Boris Johnson was one of the firmest responses from the international community.

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