Homeless man evicted from a squat space in the north inner city of Dublin

A number of homeless people were evicted from a building and squat grounds in North Dublin on Wednesday afternoon, leading to protests throughout the day involving up to 40 people.

Several homeless people lived in caravans on the grounds of the house on Prussia Street in Dublin 7 for a number of months.

Protesters said between 10 and 13 men entered the courtyard on Wednesday morning and ordered people to leave. The electricity was turned off and the people who lived in the building were “dragged out of their beds and out of the property,” witnesses said.

After a social media appeal for support, the occupants and around 30 or more protesters who were local or members of the Community Action Tenants Union (CATU) remained outside the property for several hours in an attempt to prevent the men from leaving with their personal effects.

There were more than 20 gardaís and several patrols on site, with checkpoints set up on two roads, while a Garda helicopter flew over the area.

Speaking outside the property, a woman named Aileen told the Irish Times that “several people were injured when they were trying to stop the heavy ones from leaving, but there were no serious injuries.”

Protesters complained that gardaí had protected the private security firm during the evictions from the building, which had been “empty for about seven years,” one said.

Three protesters climbed to the roof of 23 Prussia Street in the afternoon as Gardaí attempted to remove the protesters and blocked the front of the building themselves.

Violence erupted when Gardaí began clearing protesters from the site to allow two vans to leave the property.

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The chants of “Shame, shame, shame on you” were directed to Gardaí by the protesters, who they accused of protecting the owners.

Several people on the scene claimed that a 2018 High Court order that ordered people to leave the building did not refer to the current occupants living there.

A spokesman for Garda said that Gardaí witnessed the scene in which “a property owner, in accordance with a court order, was securing a room and facilitating access for people to remove personal items”.

“No arrests have been made on the spot and no injuries have been reported, however An Garda Síochána will carry out further investigations into some activities resulting from the incident,” said the spokesman.

The road had been “temporarily closed for public safety,” the spokesman said, adding that the matter “was over and the road was completely reopened to traffic.” Protesters gathered back at home last night.

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