Home vegetables are more popular than ever

Home vegetables

Not only tomatoes from their own cultivation are very popular with hobby gardeners.
Foto: Landgard

The corona pandemic has even further intensified the general trend towards home-grown vegetables. This is confirmed by Thomas Reynders, Sales Team Leader at Landgard Fachhandel: “The demand is at a very high level and the already large quantities have even increased again this year. Families in particular increasingly want to know where their vegetables come from. At the same time, having one’s own garden or balcony in lockdown has become more important for many people as a place of employment and retreat. ”

Due to the cold weather, the vegetable garden season started much later this year. However, the main season didn’t start until the beginning of May and is expected to continue into June. In addition to traditional vegetable plants such as tomatoes and cucumbers, everything to do with potato plants is in demand this year, according to the Landgard sales specialist. But almost exotic vegetables such as various types of melons, aubergines and physalis also did very well.

Eye-catching at the POS

Even at the point of sale, grilled vegetables and herbs for the outdoor kitchen, gardeners with children or particularly sustainable products can be highlighted in an eye-catching way. Landgard picks up on the trend theme of “home-grown vegetables”, especially in the spring in the Cash & Carry stores and in concepts, brands and licenses such as “Grill Gardening”, “Plant the Pot” or “Wickie”.


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