Home remedy to remove the smell of dog urine from any surface in the home

Any lover of animals, especially dogs, knows that having one or more requires preparation, both emotionally to receive all his love, and mentally, for the patience of knowing and instructing him to live well. Meet a home remedy to remove the smell of dog urine from any surface of the home.

Each dog is different, each one has its own way of being and, so to speak, its own customs or attitudes. But one that all males share is to want to mark their territory, that is why many times our home ends up smelling of dog urine.

But it is something we cannot scold them for, since that is how they are and as owners we must know it and not draw their attention because it is not intentional. For that reason, it is that a lot of patience is required, dedication and love to instruct them where they must fulfill their needs and, regarding territorial marks, patience to clean.

Let us remember that they fully depend on us, in their eyes we are their everything, that is why we must refrain from raising our hands, because that is not the correct way to raise and take care of a dog or any animal. Just cleaning what they do is enough to eliminate what they do, that’s why we have an efficient remedy for you.

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What you will need is

  • A bucket
  • Enough water
  • ½ cup vinegar
  • Chlorine
  • Scented Floor Cleaner
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How we can eliminate the smell of dog urine from the home – Photo Pixabay

The first thing is to fill a bucket completely with water, in it we will add the vinegar. Then we must empty the water with vinegar in the places where you usually urinate our dog and dedicate ourselves to carving with force, either with a broom that you use to clean or a hand brush.

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Let a few minutes pass and after that, fill the bucket by half and proceed to dilute a good jet of bleach with a sufficient amount of floor cleaner in the bucket with water. Empty again over the places where your dog urinates and carves hard. To end, rinse with enough water.


This mixture can also be used in the places inside the home, but make sure your dog is outside so that the odors of chemicals do not affect him. Another recommendation is to have a brush or broom especially to clean the area of ​​the dogs, which will facilitate their care as well.


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