Home-made Audi A3L new 210,000 pre-sales: space is greatly increased, interior redesign-IT and traffic


As Audi’s entry-level car in China, although the Audi A3 has been ridiculed by many netizens, they only bought an “Audi logo” when buying this car, but it is this Audi logo that prevents the owner from even calling the truth.After all, in the old Audi A3 some time ago, many car owners said that the price of the naked car has fallen below 150,000.Today, at the Guangzhou Auto Show, the new domestically-made Audi A3L was launched, and the A3 family (including Audi A3L and Audi A3 Sportback) started pre-sales.The pre-sale price range is 21.00-25.00 million yuan.


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The new car adopts the same styling design as the overseas version of A3 Limousine,It will be officially listed on January 7, 2021.

Specific to the new car, the body size of the new car has been further lengthened.The tail label has also been changed from the previous “A3” to “A3L”, indicating that its domestically-made longer model identity, and the whole vehicle is getting closer and closer to the Audi A4L.

The front face maintains the overall design of the overseas version of the model, using a more angular hexagonal air intake grille, the lower corner of the headlights is larger, and the dot matrix daytime running lights are also set on the top.

The interior part is the most changed part of the new A3L. It will be the same as the hatchback version of the A3 that was off the assembly line before, and will use the latest design language of the Audi family.

Standard Audi virtual cockpit, including 10.25 inches (12.3 inches for high-end models) LCD instrument panel, 10.1 inches embedded central control screen,Compared with the current old-fashioned interior, the new Audi A3 interior can be described as a shotgun replacement.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the hatchback version are 4343/1815/1458mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2630mm. The aspect ratio is 30mm longer than the previous generation product; while the sedan long-axis version is 4548 (4554)/1814/1429mm,The wheelbase is 2680mm, which is 50mm longer than the hatchback version.

In terms of power, the new domestically-made Audi A3 continues the current 1.4T EA211 turbocharged engine,The maximum power is 150 horsepower, and the transmission is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

On the whole, the new Audi A3L, after extending the wheelbase and adding new interiors, the product strength has been greatly improved.However, the pre-sale price of 21.00-25.00 million yuan is also really ungrounded.

In contrast, Audi A3L’s eldest brother A4L, its current market terminal preferential entry price has also entered within 260,000. If it were you, would you start with the new Audi A3L at this price?


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